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Guest JamieC777

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Guest JamieC777

I am new here. I posted already in the SCLC section. My mother was Dx on 04/09/04 with SCLC and my world has basically been rocked. I am not prepared for this, I ache so much in my chest I feel as though I could explode. I need support and information. Her first appt. with the oncologist is today so I guess we will know more what we are facing then. Wish us luck.


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Guest Billie

Hi Jamie,

I am new here also, but I know there are a lot of family members of cancer patients here who can help you through this tough time. I am so sorry you had reason to come find this site, but I'm sure you will be glad you did. You will find a great deal of information and support here.


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Welcome to the board. I hope that your Mom have a good visit with the oncologist and that she's able to have a good plan of action. Please feel free to post any and all questions. We are here for you. Hang in there, it is not as hopeless and scary as it may seem like. There are lots of survivors out there that you will get to meet .

Hugs for your Mom.

Prayers comign your way.


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Hi JamieC777

I'm glad you found this site. It has many wonderful people that can answer you questions and give you prayer and support. We have all been in your position and understand the anguish that you are going through. Take one day at a time and try to not worry about the unknown. Ask lots of questions and establish a friendly relationship with the doctors and staff. They are now a part of your life just like family.

Keep a positive attitude about all the information that will come your way.

Warmest regards,


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