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Hello to all of you brave souls

This is my first post to the board. I've emailed some of you in the past and you've been great about contacting me. I wanted to let you know that my husband is doing great. His first CT scan since starting chemo in Feb. 2004 showed significant shrinkage and decreasing in size. No new nodules were found either. This is the first good news the oncologist has gave us in four months. Boy did we need that!!! 8)

If anyone is interested in nutrition and herbal supplements I'd love to talk with you. My husband is seeing a nutritionist. We feel this is helping a great deal. Nutrition plays a crucial role in a cancer patients life.

Remember it's not about how to beat the cancer, but how to SURVIVE it.

God bless all of you and your families.

Laura (wife of a future cancer survivor)

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I am going to be becoming my brothers primary caregiver in a few weeks when he moves from Maine to New Hampshire to live with me. He is leaving his wife that just treated him like a dog. I am SO SO interested in any nutritional info you can give me to help him.!! Congrats on all your good news and I love your positive attitude!! Let me thank you in advance for offering to share your knowledge with all of us!! God bless you and your hubby :D

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