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Hi, I've just visited my mom who dx last week with NSCLC stage 3b - adenocarcinoma. This is a second time she admited to hospital within a month to discharge the fluid from her lung. Withoud this procedure she won't able to breath ,heavy cough continuesly and chest pain.

She is going to have chemo next week, so far her apetite is good. Personally I'm feel not comfortable with chemo due to family history experience they health became drop after the procedure.

I'm looking for alternative medication to replace or concurent with chemotherapy. And heard about Gerson Therapy, would appreciate if anyone can share on this procedure.

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Welcome to the family. I have done some reading on the treatment plan you talk about and while I agree that a healthy diet is a good thing I still think (for me anyway) chemo / radiation was the way to go. The Gerson therapy is very labor intensive as you need to make fresh juice every hour, 13 hours a day. You also need to do the enemas often and eat only the foods in the plan. The part I did NOT like was when they said they would prescribe thyroid hormones to be taken in the treatment. I would discuss any plans with the Doctor and see what they would suggest.

Best wishes and prayers for healing being said for your Mom.

God Bless,


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