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Antibiotics continue


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These few days during the Easter holiday, we spent all the time with dad in hospital, his ex-colleagues and brothers (no see each other for 8 years) came to meet him.

My dad now is still on antibiotics and it will be continued, but now his speech is slurred again since yesterday (had no problem in this few days ago after starting steriod), he has a bit confusion and lack of short-term memory.

Today my sister met the neurosurgeon and what the chief neurosurgeon said last week from the CT scan that the tumors grow outwardly is correct. Today they found two tumors are grew outside the head through the wound (I guess because the skull bone was removed that the tumor can grow outwardly without block). My sister also can see the two tumors outside the head. :( The tumors could not be simply cut and surgery is not an option.

The neurosurgeon will meet the oncologist later for discussing what could be done for dad. They told my sister to comfort my mum without expecting too much.

We decided not to tell the truth to my dad. We don't want to mention about this and let him depressed as he had the suicidal behaviour once.

I just hope there is some palliative treatments available for him. I just think, my dad is a miracle because I wonder how can he endures all these. We are trying hard to accept the reality.

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I am so sorry to hear about your father. He has been put through so much. You are right, he is a miracle. Say the things you need to say to him and try to be strong for your mother. Please know how much we all are thinking of you.



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I'm sorry for what is going on with your dad. I know it must all be like a really really bad dream; I can only imagine your sadness. Your dad must have such a strong spirit to be able to endure all he has endured. I will continue to pray that God's hand will be with you through this all.

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I am so sorry. Your father is a stong man and miracles happen all the time. He is a true miracle and will get through this bumpy time. I am praying the antibiotics continue to work. Can your father have radiation to the tumors after the infection is gone? Please let us know. You, your family your father are always in my prayers...

Blessings, prayers and hugs,


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My heart is truly with you. I know how hard this must be on you and all of your family. It sounds like your dad is still hanging on even after being through so much. I think you are right not telling him. If these are his last days there is no need to add any more fear or depression to what he already has. Just continue to do what you have been doing, love him and let him know that you are there. My prayers are added to all of the others. Lillian

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Guest Karen C

Berisa, I do think your Dad is a living breathing miracle. At the very least he is the strongest man I've ever heard of, enduring all of this as he has.

We will continue to remember him and your whole family in our prayers.

God Bless,

Karen C.

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Guest KellyB

Berisa, You remind me so much of myself, my dad is also 58 and fighting this same war. I am so sorry to hear of his plight. It is best he not know the details if you feel that is best. Enjoy your time. My Dad also fought staph in the past few weks. Thier bodies can only endure so much. Comfort. love and help your dad as best you can, I am praying for you both...... Kel

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