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ON Line (Off Line- UPDATE) !


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Isn't it ODD that the Technical Director (Rick) is WITHOUT internet service right now? SOunds blasphemous doesn't it! LOL

Hunter's hamster escaped in the house 5 days ago- had no idea where the

thing was until last night. Went into the study to check the boards when

I got home and NO DSL connection. I must have fought with the hardware for an hour before I realized my modem cable was chewed in half!

So no internet at home until Rick comes back tonight (been out of town)

and get a new modem among other things.

Still haven't found that rat- but when I do...he better watch out! LOL

Just wanted to let you guys know since we have not been able to read e-mails or get back to anyone.

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Seems like there's a conspiracy between Andrea's rat and Hunter's hamster...wonder if that big rat is in control? What WAS his name?? Wilbur? (no, that was the pig in "Charlotte's Web"...) It was a one word movie title that was the darn rat's name and my fuzzy brain can't pull it up! OLDER movie...it either began with a "W" or an "R", I think....

ARGH! I HATE it when this happens! :oops:

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Actually now we have Andrea's Rato and Ratta, 2!!! :) I actually prefer them to both be Ratos or Rattas b/c Brian read this morning that mice reproduce 56 times a year and make 8000 babies a year!

Mice, rats, they are all the same to me :) We actually think these are mice b/c they are small, but still ICKY! I scared it though, I screamed so loud last night it ran out of the room! :D I didn't even see it, I saw Brian go on alert and automatically screamed. Heehee

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Hunter's hamster has been found. The little rat ate clean thru the network cable and then successfully got himself stuck behind one of the bookcases. Rick (HE-Man who can move bookcases) rescued it and returned it to it's cage, much to Hunter's delight.

Saga is over..we are online once again...hehe ! LOL! :wink:

OH P.S. Hunter's teddy-bear hamster is black (yuck) and his name is Pepper. (Sorry "Willard" fans) :lol:

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