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Son back in the hospital

Guest Jvance43

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Guest Jvance43

My son David is back in the hospital. His bowl's are completely blocked and he started vomiting AGAIN. I told his Onc several weeks there seemed to be a problem, but he said to give him Colace.

His first set of Chemo's was Carbo, Taxol and Gemzar with good early results (30 % shrinkage). Then it stopped working. They started him on Cisplatin and Navelbine. It isn't working. The MD told us last Wednesday there was nothing more he could do for David and walked out of the room.

A couple days later his urine turned almost black and his feet and ankles started to swell. He has stopped eating except for enough to take the morphine (120Mg and 60Mg for breakthrough pain) This causes him to sleep a lot and I have been having trouble getting him to drink fluids.

When the vomiting started again I took him to the hospital, and he was admitted. A CT Scan was done and it showed the cancer was spreading very rapidly over his liver again.

Now, my problems! The MD"s didn't want to do anything about the bowel. They told me to: "just let him go". His pain seems to be more from this bowel problem than from the cancer in his bones or lung.

I came home and called American Cancer Society to get Clinical trials information and was given the phone numbers for several places. I got ahold of the Siteman Center in St.Louis, Mo and they asked me to have Onc to send all the test results along with Md notes and they would see if they had anything for David. So far I haven't heard a word

While David is in the hospital I had called the Siteman center to give them my Cellphone number as they were to give me a call on Monday. They told me if the hospital and Md's here didn't want to do anything for David's bowel to have the Onc call the Dr there and discuss with him what was going on. David's Onc said he would NOT call them and he had just been in to see David abd David told him "He didn't want to go there". I was on my way to the hospital and when I got there I asked David if he had told the Dr he didn't want to go to the Siteman center. David told me he told the Dr he DID want to go. He would have been admited into Barnes Jewish and they could have done something about the bowel while they looked into the trials they might have for him. The Onc oughtright lied to me.

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Find the numbers for the Board of Directors members and start calling... That would be the Board of Directors of the hospital your son is currently stuck in. Call the head of oncology and report the unethical behavior of your son's oncologist and your supposition that the care is negligent...AND possibly mention that you are calling one of the big name attorneys that deal with medical malpractice...

See if you can get the cancer center to work around the stumbling block of your son's bumbling oncologist and get the reports, etc., they need.

You should be able to call the main phone number of the hospital for information on how to reach board members - ask to speak to a supervisor when you call as the standard phone operators may not be able to help you. Make sure you keep notes of EVERYONE you talk to, names, extensions, etc.

Push hard, you need to get things moving and it sounds like your son's oncologist is a BIG bowel obstruction!

Good luck,


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I would RUN not walk to another oncologist and then I would make the calls Snowflake suggested. It does not sound like your son's current Doctors should be treating anyone with an attitude like that.

I have heard good things about the Siteman Center ( I have go to Mid-Missouri Cancer Associates in Columbia, MO) and I am sure they can get the information if need be.

Best wishes and prayers being said for your family.

God Bless,


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Davids problem right NOW is not the cancer it is his bowel obstruction. If that is not taken care of very quickly he won't have to worry about another oncologist. I am sorry to be so blunt but this is extrememely dangerous. This is life threatening.

Get you family doctor or someone to resolve this then work on a new oncologist.


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I agree totaly with the others. There is no place in the life of a person with cancer for an idiot egotistical doctor. Believe me I learned that the hard way. Make sure that you have the authority to get your son's medical records and start the process now while waiting for the other things you do to take shape. Those records will be very important to any place he may go for treatment and they will give you a record showing just how badly he is being treated.

I also suggest that the next time you talk to his so called doctor you have a means to record the conversation. He can't lie about the things he says when his voice is on a recording.

Your son's life is at stake so you have to take control of the situation. Never depend on the state medical board to help you. They are there for one purpose and that is not to help you. The threat of an attorney may work but don't count on it. I had an attorney tell me that once a person is diagnosed with lung cancer doctors can get away with anything by just saying "he had lung cancer. He was going to die anyway." That is a harsh truth to live with but that is how it works. Please don't waste one minute save your son from him and get those records.

Later when your son is taken care of let everyone you meet know about that doctor. Do it any way that you can, word of mouth travels fast and there is always the internet. Other people need to be made aware so they don't put their lives in his hands too. I wish you the best of luck and my prayers are with you. Now get busy and get your son away from that guy before it is too late.

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Please do not delay in making alternative arrangements for your son. Start making the calls that Snowflake suggests RIGHT NOW!!!!! Is there any way that you can video tape your son-right now-stating that he told his physician that he WANTS to be transferred to the other facility? Also, is there any way for you to obtain medical power of attorney for your son. Then the doc will HAVE to both discuss your son's care with you and listen to you.

Where are you located?

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I agree with Rochelle. The most immediate life-threatening problem is the bowel problem. Since the MD and onc won't do anything to help him through this crisis, either find another MD real quick, or go to an emergency room ASAP.

Please don't worry what any of those other doctors think about it if you do.


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Please do something about the bowel obstruction NOW. Next step is perforation, and that's what almost killed me. The morphine slowed my system down so that my intestines essentially filled with pus and collapsed, then I perforated. I had to have an emergency colonostomy within 9 hours of admission, had last rites and all.....

This is a serious problem with people who have to take morphine for cancer pain.

AND, let me remind you, I am STILL HERE 4 YEARS LATER.

That's a lot of time to write letters about a lazy oncologist. If he isn't helping, it is in the oath to do no harm.

AFTER you take care of this immediate problem, then start gearing up to go for the oncologist who wasn't straight with you. But first please see that your son is taken care of.

Sorry I sound a little frantic, but THIS almost killed me !!

Prayers for your son and yourself...



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OMG !! Run don't walk to get David the help he needs!! His onc. is so negligant and inhuman, it's hard to beleive he took any oath to heal. I just for one minute would like to know what he would do if it was someone he dearly loved. God Bless you both and I pray for the bowel obstruction to be rectified and a new onc. ( that CARES) become your NEW onc. Loving prayers being sent your way!!

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I agree with all of what the others have said. Your son needs attention immediately for the bowel. Get another doctor or get your primary care doctor involved immediadety. Don't ask DEMAND CARE RIGHT NOW!. Don't tale NO for an answer. This is a life threatening situation. Kindness is not warranted here with the doctor's. You are your son's advocate and he needs you to get agressive with his medical life... You are in my prayers...



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