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prayers for a family friend, even though I never met him


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I have tears rolling down my face, I just received the LCSC totebag I ordered and all those beautiful faces.......I then went in to show it to my co-worker and ask how her friend is and the news is not good.

Very odd story:

Brian's family (they live in Los Angeles) has a close close friend whose son has lymphoma in his 30s and I was asked to pray for him which I do.

Myra (co-worker) grew up in Los Angeles and moved to Orange County a few years ago. Her best friend who she grew up with and went to the prom was suddenly diagnosed with lymphoma at the same time as my mom. This 37 year old was active, fine, suddenly started vomitting and diagnosed a week later........I kept asking how he was and I heard he is getting a stem cell transplant.

I hear from my inlaws that their friend's son is getting a stem cell transplant.

:idea: It is the same person!!! And Myra was sitting two tables away from the father at my wedding and they never saw each other.

Things were looking up, he was NED for a couple of months now. He donated sperm in case he ever wants kids and was waiting for stem cell........suddenly he could not stand up straight and could not walk.........he has a mass on his spine and is in the hospital now.

Just devestating. My heart breaks.

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More prayers are needed for Robert. Things were looking up, all set for stem cell transplant and then boom, a tumor in his spine :( Now he is paralyzed and going through rehab :( And the worst part is insurance---he cannot be in rehab and radiation at the same time, they won't pay for his cost and it is a mess b/c each day without radiation means teh damage could be more permanent.

The good news is that the tumor is the same lymphoma tumor, so if we can get that gone, he can get stem cell.

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I wear a button every day that says "Cancer Sucks." I am at times overwhelmed by the sadness and despair that I come across, while at the same time uplifted by the many wonderful stories and personalities I see. This cancer thing is a scourge. (DUH) But today, it has more and more enemies and better and more effective weapons to keep it at bay for longer periods of time.

One day, I'm hopeful that a cancer diagnosis will no longer be met with automatic dread.

In the meantime, I continue to mourn over those we lose, and I continue to pray and hope for those who continue to battle this monster -- especially those who are so very young.


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I'm so sorry I missed your original post. My prayers are now for his spirit and for this family. I'm really sorry. How very sad.


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