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An Iressa success story.....


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We have a new office manager. I introduced myself and said "Hi. My name is Andrea. I am the resident neuorotic one of the office. Sorry to bother you since you just started this week, but I understand we are having open enrollment next month and I must switch from a HMO to a PPO. You see my mom has lung cancer and I just need a PPO now because they want me to see a breast specialist for early detection and I just want a PPO now" ( I have to push, the office is being slow, she is new, so I went to the boss myself to speed it along. I can't wait until Oct to have the freedom to visit whatever dr I like ;) I am too insane for that. Duh. Don't they realize? Of course prices went up, so when my husband sees how much the PPO is compared to the HMO, hmmmmm. )

That led to a lung cancer discussion and the first question of "how long did she smoke for". I smoked that question :) heehee. THEN she proceeded to tell me that her sister died of lung cancer, it went really fast, she was sick for awhile and refused to go to the doctor.

However, her brother in law has been battling for two years. She said he is "fine", living normally with the disease, working full time and has been taking a little pill. She said chemo gave him rashes on his face. I said "a little pill? Iressa?". She said yes, that is it.

So it is nice to know that there is a man living somewhere on Iressa leading a normal life with lung cancer and doing well 8)

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Guest KellyB

Hello Ms "A" Type personality, just like me,I see your posts and can see that your carrying the whole world on your shoulders. I am living a similar life. My Dad 58 is battling this disease, I am his motivator and greatest activist. I was so happy to see your wedding go as planned. I am also happy to report that my dad started Iressa 1 month ago and is doing really well. Hope is never lost and I know your Mom wants to see lots of grandkids. Try to enjoy being a newlywed. You are just like me. A control freak,try to relax and enjoy life, God has a plan for each and everyone of us. You love your Mom like I love my Dad. She is lucky to have a wonderful dauther like yourself. Lots of Love and prayers....Kel

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Thanks Kelly! I cannot wait to hear that your dad has been on Iressa for 1 year, then 2, 3, 4, and 5--the jackpot number! I should change my lucky number to 5 :)

Where on Long Island are you? I was born and raised in Holbrook, moved out west in 1998. My parents moved out in 2000.

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