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Am having a little trouble with Disability. Have Stage IIIA. The Social Security Rehabilitation got records from my hospital but it did not include my pathology report. They said I must have a physical from them and a breathing test. She said my records indicated I have degenerative bone disease and she will work on that right away. I didn't even know I had it unless that has something to do with arthritis or maybe osteoporosis. We're all getting older. Sure hope it doesn't mean that the cancer has gone to my bones. Did anyone else have to take a physical from Social Security? I don't know why they wouldn't ask the doctors for a copy of my pathology. All they did was get records from the hospital. Have a good evening.


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The reason you are being asked to take a physical and breathing test is that your records are not showing enough information on your disability for the state to decide whether you are or are not disabled with the disability you have stated you have. Therefore they send you to their dr to ck you for whatever medical info they need. As for the report you say they do not have, you have the right to get this and send it to them if you feel it will help you. Sorry I did not see this post earlier.

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