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short term disability and insurance questions


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Jim started a new job in October. He got his insurance and benefits in January, one week before his diagnosis. Talk about luck, bad luck and good luck. He has been off ever since, on the work insurance and getting short term disability. His doctor has been writing the paperwork "off at least three months." We are now off "for at least three more months." We also have long term disability insurance that can kick in but are concerned if there is no expectation of return, does that change the rules? Is there some point at which we might lose the job/hence the insurance? The paperwork does ask for prognosis.

Also, we have applied for Social Security Disability and expect it to be approved at some time in the distant future. If he is approved for that, will that knock him out of the job and insurance? The forms also ask if you are recieving income like this. It is mainly the insurance we are concerned about.

I am currently a homemaker and have group insurance through the Farm Bureau. If he would lose his insurance, could he be added onto mine, even though it is not a policy through employment?

Thanks for any help.


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He has long term insurance. SSD will cover him 6 months from dx.

He will probably lose his job at some point, read the company handbook carefully. When he goes on the SSD the long term disabililty will be reduced by the amount he is getting from Social Security (at least mine was).

It is up to his company if he stays with them and is insured. You need to check with your medical insurance company about adding him and read the policy. No, getting SSD will not change insurance with his company. It is up to his company as to when he is terminated.

Good luck John.

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