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Iressa....what do you think?


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Could anyune who used Iressa, please comment as to at what point it was tried...what you think about it....did your oncologist prescribe or did you seek it, etc...? Any information would be greatly appreciated....

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Hi Lea,

I’m on Iressa now after trying several (see my signature) others. My doctor recommended it. My understanding it is not used as a first line of treatment (but that might be because of my situation) and I’m using it for maintenance right now and have had great success with it so far. It comes in pill form and taken once a (250MG) day. I have had no side effects from it. Beats going in to the doctor's office every week and getting chemo intravenously. Worth asking your doctor about it. Hope this helps. Peace, take care and God Bless.


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I have been on Iressa for one year. I started it after I had gone through chemo/radiation and chemo alone. I started it when it was still in clinical trial. It was a requirement to have gone through all the above treatments to get in the trial.

Iressa has been very good for me. I have some rash but not too bad. My bowels go through the full range and changes sometimes daily. My hands are very dry and the skin splits. I have been using a lotion that is a moisturizer. It helps quite a bit. My face is red, the bumps are not too bad. They are the worst in my hair. Everyone seems to react differently to the Iressa. Some people have to stop taking it.

I have had some shrinkage over the last year and nothing new on my last PET scan.

Good luck with your decision. I hope I was of some help.


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You seen pretty well versed on the Iressa. I have a question. I went to the onc yesterday. She suggested Iressa for maintenance for me also. I have not had any treatments since Oct. 27th, 2003. I have had basically the same treatment as you, chemo/radiation. Only chemo I've had is the Taxol/carbo, nothing else. My question to her was and to you too. If I were to strat taking it, does it make you ineligable for trials and can you go off and the Iressa? Your experience, knowledge and understanding of this meds would be very appreciated...

Thanks for your help.

Blessings and prayers,


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I do not know about trials. Each trial is different, and the requirements are different. If there is a trial going on now you are interested in you should find out what the requirements are for that trial, before you start a new drug. My onc knew that I had to go through required treatments before I could go into the Iressa trial. The Iressa trial had been running quite a while before I was put on it. I was only on the trial 3 months and the FDA approved the drug.

Yes you can go off of it. For some people the side effects are quite bad. I know Snowflake had lots of trouble with the side effects and had to go off the drug. She has a post somewhere about her side effects. I also have known of others but I do not know if they have posted. My onc said that some times when you go off a drug and then go back the side effects can be worse. He has told me I'll be on it until something changes.

Hope this helps.


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