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Teetering on the highest peek...

Donna D.

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Once again it is test time for my husband. Yesturday he had c.t. scan and bone scan done. We have been on a fairly smooth run with stable disease since September. Everything was going very well until the tech asked my husband if he had problems with his kidneys. Of course this was enough to set the worry ball in motion. So here I am just asking for a little backup of prayers and high hopes that the conductor of this coaster will once again PUT THE BRAKES ON!!!!!!!!!!!

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With this disease, anytime they ask about a body part we get totally paranoid. The kidney question may have just been a standard question they ask everyone.

Get off the worry wagon. Lot's of people here will send prays up for good results.


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That IS a standard question whenever you get contrast with a scan.

Any contrast or dye needs to be processed out by kidneys. I have to get urinalysis for kidney function before I get my CT scans every six months. They dont' ask about kidneys, they just do the test, and I ask them.

Geez, life is too much sometimes. Kidneys.

Are we all like that? I guess we are.....

and I wouldn't have it any other way (taking things for granted) but I would like people not to have to leap to worry unnecessarily.

Prayers for all things good, and to not worry.



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