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update on my husband and a huge thank you for the support


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We went to see the surgeon yesterday and the mass the doctor had

told us it was solid. The surgeon proved to be infection by draining it

and filling 3 containers. { very gross } He also feels the nodule is 90%

to also be infection. He was put on two antibiotics and we go back in

1 week for results. Thank you to all who posted to me :wink: Haylee

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Haylee, you are living our dream, more or less. Dave was SURE when I took him to the hospital and they found a mass in his lung, that it was a big ball of infection - because we had just been to China to adopt our baby and SARS had just hit and all kinds of weird things were going on and he was just so sure it was an infection, not cancer . . . . but it was cancer.

Sooo, GREAT NEWS for you! It's kind of interesting to see that it is a possibility to mistake a mass of infection for a tumor.

Best wishes for healthy living!

Karen C. (David C's wife)

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It amazes me as well three different doctor and ER doctor and two

clinic doctors said this to me a mass and solid. I knew solid was not a

good thing. What amazes me even more is for three weeks the clinic

doctors felt it poked it with a needle cat scan of neck still to say it was

a solid mass. The surgeon felt the fluid in his neck seen the fluid on the

cat scan and knew right away it was a cyst. The nodule has to be

watched to make sure it is infection but the surgeon seemed confident

it is infection. I am so thankful and relieved but I know what everyone

here is going through and how nasty lung cancer is I lost my father in

1983 and my mother just last March 2003. I was my moms caregiver

and its a terrible thing to go through. thanks again for the support and

god bless everyone. Haylee

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