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Low Blood Pressure


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My mom has just received her third round of chemo, and has had few bad days. Recently she has complained about this overwhelming weakness and cold sweat that comes over her. It has only happened twice and went away after a good rest. Today at her visit her BP was low (haven't heard yet how low), but I am suspicious that may explain these episodes. The onc backed down her BP meds. I told her to take her BP the next time this occurs. Has anyone else experienced changes in BP, especially low readings? (Her platelets are also slightly low but are rising, don't know how that makes you feel??)

Other than that she continues to amaze all of us. She gives us the courage and strength to carry on...I am grateful for every day that she is here.

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My BP tends to run tad low anyway so I haven't noticed a drastic change. I have had them tell me they saw me walk in so they know I am alive but my BP sure didn't show it, lol. I do believe a low BP can be a side effect of some chemos so I would be sure to tell the DR. about it.

God Bless and Good Luck,


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My husband's BP dropped real low (for him anyway) when he was on Taxotere-Carboplatin. It was in the low 90s, can't remember the bottom number. The doctor said he wasn't too worried about it unless it started getting down in the 80s and asked us to buy a BP machine for home. We did. It was about $50 at WalMart. Shortly after that, they stopped the Taxotere for other reasons, and BP went back to normal. He would get lightheaded, especially when getting up from sitting. It also happened once when he was in a store and he had to grab hold of a post for a few seconds until it passed. It would come and go - wasn't constant. He still gets it occasionally, but if he stands up from a chair slowly, he usually doesn't get it at all.


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