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looking for great ideas to help with pain in esophogus


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My husband just finished his 30 th radiation treatment...he felt so great till the last 4 and now it is really burning and he has no energy at all. we will start second round of chemo tomorrow and I am worried about the weakness. I read on another posting where they talked about magic mouthwask...hilton has hrdrocodone with acetaminophen and nystatin are one of these what you are talking about??? these really are not working yet? thank you

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Magic Mouthwash has lydocaine, Mylanta (?) Nystatin and various other meds - up to 6 in all. It has to be made specifically (at least at Walgreens it is always a wait of a few hours to a day).

I ended up in ER, so swollen and in pain that I was unable to swallow my own saliva.

It made a world a difference. It eased the swelling and infection. Of course, truth be known, I was also given liquid Morphine for pain but it was the Magic Mouthwash that toned down the fungus. Liquid Morphine works well as a pain reliever, sleep inducer and brings on stomach aches.

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Pain in the esophogus is very hard to treat, most things don't last long. The magic mouthwash helped if used just before trying to eat. Soft foods at room temp. were about all I could eat for awhile. Drink as much water as you can stand because that helps also. Time is about the only thing that really helps with the pain. Took awhile after the last treatment to feel better but once the pain was gone it is sort of like child birth, you forget just HOW painful it was, lol.

Prayers of healing and good scans headed your way.

God Bless,


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I didn't think that burning would ever go away. I too used Magic Mouthwash. It did the trick but man; that awful taste. Another think I found that helped even more was what they called a GI Coctail. Not sure what was in it but it worked better. Never did get any to bring home tho only while in hospital. Might ask your doctor and see if you can get it at pharmacy to take home.


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I sympathize with your husband. I had chest radiation 2 times a day & it wasn't till the last few that I began to feel real bad. I told my husband one day that I wasn't going to treatment. That did not go over with him!

I had a very difficult time swallowing so that made it difficult to get meds down. Drink lots of water if possible. I could not & had to be hydrated in the hospital. If he can't get the liquids down do contact your Doc. I almost went into renal failure. Not fun but avoidable.

Drink that H2O and I'll be sending up a prayer for your comfort.


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I don't know if this info will help... since I've never had radiation treatments (not yet anyway). But my pcp ordered a special mix mouthwash for recurrent fungal infections of the mouth due to prolonged antibiotic use and shingles. My bottle says....."LIDOCAINE 2% VISCOUS SOLN BDC...FOR: XYLOCAINE 2% VISCOUS SOLN AST". I haven't taken the time to look all these ingredients up....since most are abbreviated and unfamiliar. I can tell you this....the mouthwash tastes pretty darned bad. Since I'm prone to these infections...when I feel a new infection starting up I use "MYCELEX LOZENGES" and I can often stop it in its tracks. It would be so much easier for those of you recovering from radiation treatments to be able to suck on some tablets and get rid of the problem......I'm hoping this information helps someone....if just to make life a little easier.

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