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Report of my good news on Adenocarcimoma ncslc Stage IV


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:lol: Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share my good news with you. Diagnosed with Adeno

carcinoma on 12/01. Had pneumonectomy of right lung 1/9/02. Spread

to lymph nodes by 4/02. Had six rounds of chemo of taxol and carbp-

platin. Ending Aug. 28.02. So far all is good. No signs of spreading.

Every 3 months scans. So in June we will see if all is still well. I was

so elated last Thurs. when oncologist said all was well. I'd like to see

some post with people who have this type of Stage IV ncslc that has

spread to lymph nodes and how long they have been in remission.

Thanks for listening and God Bless all,


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Guest DaveG


I am the same, Stage IV, with systemic mets to my lymphatic system. I just started carbo/taxel on Monday May 5. My next cycle is May 27. I will also be seeing my onc on the 27th as well, but with just lab work. A CT Scan will be done at 6 weeks.

Saw my onc, briefly today, at a conference she and 3 other oncologists gave on the topic of "Uncommon Cancers". To the 4 oncologists on the panel, these "Uncommon Cancers" are so called because of public perception. The four "Uncommon Cancers" are Lung Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Uterine Cancer, and "Atypical Breast Cancer". It was interesting to hear each oncologist talk about their particular specialty, but at the same time recognize lung cancer as being the most ill perceived cancer in the eyes of the public.

At the end of the conference I talked briefly with Dr. Schiller and gave her the hug that my wife always tells me I should give her, whenever I see her. We love Dr. Schiller because she is so caring and compassionate. She is in the process of organizing a new organization for lung cancer called Women Against Lung Cancer. I have been asked by the co-organizer to become a member of this organization, and not just to be so as the token male, but as an active participant.

I have found, far too often, that women become very offended when I ask for their participation in the fund raiser that I organize each year for lung cancer. Many believe that I am going to take away from all the efforts that have been made for breast cancer, but you should see their faces when I hand them the brouchure on the golf outing and point out that lung cancer kills almost twice as many women, each year, then breast cancer.

It reaaly sucks that there is that pubic misconception about lung cancer. Dr Schiller, during one of her remarks, made the point about smoking and cancer, period. Her comment was (paraphrased) that smoking is responsible as the highest risk factor for lung cancer, but the public must realize that no one asks for, nor wants, any type of cancer.

I hope that my journey with Stage IV NSCLC turns out as well as your's. I have put my faith and trust in Dr. Schiller, based on all the recommendations I received from so many people concerning her reputation as a Lung Cancer Oncologist. I will keep everyone posted as to my progress. There still is a lot of fight left in this old fart. I still want to get a round of golf in the 80's.

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Hi Marsha- Glad to hear the good news.Hope you always only hear good news. I was dx.stage four nsclc July 2-02. had six rounds of carbo/taxol had a collasped lung had to have it drained and a chest tube in for five days. Scan in Jan. showed no change as they said no better but no worse so i guess thats good new. Have pain now in upper back and rib cage area with a numbness around the same area oncology nurse had no explanation for this had bone scan done which was negative will have another chest and abdomen scan done on Fri. to see whats going on. The wait for the scan and the results is terrible there are so many ups and downs get a good report and a month later something else comes up. Hope they can tell me why i am having this numbness. Any one else have this happen to them? Would like to hear if they have. Well continued goodluck to you and also you Dave. Thanks Carlton

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Guest myrna


I am new to this website. I am the sister of a patient just diagnosed with stage IV adenocarcinoma. Your letter was such an inspiration.

We are all still trying to accept the diagnosis and only know the method of treatment will be radation followed by chemotherapy. We do not know yet what drugs will be used. We will get that info today.

Thank you for your good news and may God continue to bless you


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Hey Marsha,

Sorry I am so late on the Congrates, but I just wanted to take a minute and say: CONGRATES on the GREAT NEWS!!!!

I'm not a Stage IV but I am and was a IIIA-B with lymph node involvement, and I'm here 8 years later!! :)

I will be waiting with all the others to hear how your checkup goes in June.


Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Guest myrna

i am being told i have a private message from you but i can't retrieve it.

my in box says empty.

please post here on message board


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Hi Myrna.

As you can see I am no computer whiz. I hope you get this message

this time. Tell your sister not to get discouraged. They are really

making headway with lung cancer. When I was diagnosed I didn't want

chemo, but my ocologist persuaded me to take it and it really wasn't

bad. They give you things so you will not get nautious. They have also

just approved the drug Iressa, which was not approved when I was

diagnosed. We all have our depression days, but think good thoughts

and have a very positive attitude. Hope you get this.

God Bless you and your sister,


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Guest myrna

Hi Marsha

We are all so new to this. I know she is concerned about the chemo and I will make sure she knows there are ways to combat the nausea She begins radiation tomorrow and is anxious as she says "that thing is eating away at my body".

We know about Irisa and have inquired. Her medical oncologist says they only have real success in 15% of patients. I know someone who just went off because of the side effects. She was a prisoner in her home because of non stop diahhrea...(spelling?)

Keep in touch



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