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End of chemo round meeting

Guest Gues2

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Guest Gues2

Hi all:

I am visiting with the doctors tommarrow with my dad to discuss the results for the rounds of chemo the cans, etc. and to discuss what happens next...... He has Stage 4, met to brain cancer. 6 rounds of chemo.

In this visit, then tell us what the latest scans say and where his treatment goes from here. (wait and see or more drugs etc)


Do you any of you have any suggestions for what type of questions we should make sure they answer for us. Anything we should make sure we ask???? Or make them clarify.....


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Is it possible for you to obtain a copy of the scan and or lab reports in advance of the appointment? (I obtain copies of the reports from the facilities where the scans or tests were performed.) I obtain the reports in advance of my appointments with the physicians. I read them, and it helps me to come up with questions about my current status, and what treatment changes are needed, if any.

One of the things that will help you to help your Father through this journey is to educate yourself on the subject of lung cancer. Here are links to a few sites that will help you to learn some of what you need to know.

Best Wishes,

Fay A.







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I would ask them about the brain met. Have the treated this already. The usual thing to do is to treat brain mets first, then chemo

That is what they did with my mom and I have heard other people say the same thing

Like Fay said get as educated as possible, get the copies of medical records (read them). Plus having them is necessary for 2nd opinions

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Ditto John's response. My husb. has stage iv w/mets (multiple) to brain and the immediate attack was against the brain mets (2 wks whole brain radiation treatment - WBRT), and then simultaneous chemo and lung radiation. Now, his situation may have been different than yours because he was symptomatic with the brain mets only - mega edema and severe headache.

Best of luck and keep us posted.

God's love to you,


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