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Taxotere 130mg?


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I am wondering about taxotere dosage, if anyone is familiar with current trends.

Jim got his first Taxotere infusion yesterday. I asked for a printout of the dosages and it was Taxotere 130mg IV over 1 hour. It's been 24 hours and he has only the fuzzy stomach and an extra nap as reactions so far.

I know web info can be old but the highest I have read about was 100 mg and two tales of overdose talked about 150 and 200 (they recovered without a problem). Is this dosage abnormally high? Anyone else aware of what their dosage was?

Thanks for the help. I have so many questions right now, I hope to be able to help others when I know more.


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My guess is that the 130 mg is not equivalent to the 100mg/m2 you see on the internet

dose in mg = dose in mg/m2 *BSA (body conversion factor)

The 130 mg is not in the same units as the 100mg/m2 that you see on the internet

See below for the BSA. Take the 130 and divide by the BSA.

This will give you the dose in the correct units

http://www-users.med.cornell.edu/~spon/ ... sacalc.htm

For a weight of 160lbs and height of 5'7 the 130 mg dose is

equivalent to 70 in mg/m2

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