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Can someone help??


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My brother called today after seeing his oncologist and said his DR said he was 50% in remission. I take it that meant that his tumors had shrunk in half?? The nurse also called him while we were talking and said his platelets were a bit low. What does that mean? How does it happen and what can be done to prevent it if anything?? I am trying to understand all this as I will be his primary caregiver in a few weeks and want to understand all that I can. If anyone can help me with these answers I would sure appreciate it. I love this site and all of you!! This is just a God send to me. Thanks all and God Bless each and every one of you :D

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Dear Fall54,

Congratulations on the shrinkage! That is very good news. Your profile does not list what treatment yor brother is receiving. Chemo is notorious for causing a reduction in platelets. Your brother's doctor will test his blood regularly, and give him medication or shots to correct the problem. My red blood cell count became low,and I was give an aranesp (sp) shot to boost my it.


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With my Brother not living with me yet and my not being able to attend all his DR appointments and his state of confusion.. I dont know just what he is on yet... But I will !! He at one time had a very low red blood count and needed to be transfused and that helped tremendously but I dont know what platelets are and what that all means. Thx for your reply, I do appreciate it!!!

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Hello fall54,

Sorry to hear about your brother. Whenever chemo is involved it can affect platelets, red cells and white cells as well as other organs. Depending on how low they go, one can get a transfusion or they might see if the body can produce them naturally. It is very frusting to say the least. Below is a website with more information. Do hope this helps. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys. Peace, take care and God Bless.


http://www.vh.org/adult/patient/cancerc ... index.html (Understanding Blood Tests / A Guide for Patients with Cancer

http://www.plwc.org/plwc/MainConstructo ... 008,00.asp (Questions to Ask the Doctor)

[The Power Of People Helping People / The Power Of Knowledge / The Power Of God / The Power Of Believing / The Power Of Positive Thinking / The Power Of Never Taking No For An Answer / The Power Of Laughter / United We Stand, Divided We Fall / That’s The Key]

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Platelets are what help with the coagulation of blood. If the platelet count is too low, bleeding can occur internally. Watch for bloody noses, bruising under the skin or blood in the urine. Chemo causes platelet counts to fall very low. If they fall to a certain level, usually chemo will be delayed. If they get dangerously low then a transfusion is required. My mom had two platelet transfusions before. I hope this helps.

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Platelets cause clotting as has been said. Mine are right now at 79 (should be between 150-450) so I was only able to get a small amount of one of my Chemos yesterday. I have had 1 platelet transfussion so far (5 blood transfusions) so I guess I am doing ok. I did notice it took 4 days for a very small cut on my finger to "scab" over last week so that is a good indication they are low. Ususally the say NOT to shave or to be extra carefull when using a knife, common sense things. Watch for pitecia (sp) small red spots on the skin, any bruising, bleeding gums, etc, all these should be reported to the DR asap.

Best wishes to your brother!

God Bless,


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Falls54... This is great news about your brother. It sounds like he is responding very well to the chemo and the tumor has shrunk quite a bit. When you become your brothers caregiver, you may want to start a journal on the computer for his treatments (type of chemo & dates given), any radiation (dates and how much rec'd ie., 45gy) meds (Procrit shot for rbc w/dates), (Nuelasta or Nupagen shot for wbc w/dates) (Platelets transfusion w/dates) (Blood transfusion w/dates) etc.... This is just a few of the things to journal. As you get further along in this journey, you will start to understand what and why you are journaling and it will be easier for you and your brother. You will have this to fall back on. I use an excel spreadsheet. It is really easy to follow and refer back to. You can set that up any way you want . Hope this helps a little bit. If you need help, you can PM me and I would be more than happy to help you... In my prayers. :)

God Bless,


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