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Going to Va. for Grandpa's funeral- back on Mon.


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Just wanted to let you know that I will be out of pocket till probably Mon.. My beloved Papaw died of black lung form years of working in the coal mines. He suffered greatly, until last night when his weary lungs just gave out. My family said that he lapsed into a coma and died peacefully, for that I am greatful. He was a kind and generous man. He gave away everything to his kids before he died some twenty years ago. My mother died of cancer, so he gave my siblings and I her portion of his land, which we leased to a coal company at his suggestion. It helped me to pay for graduate school. I am forever grateful to him and his generosity. I will miss him tremendously.

Thanks for listening,


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I was just telling one of my eight year olds about "Pop-pop heaven". Told her that her Pop-pop just joined my pop-pop, and they are in heaven together watching us. I know my pop-pop has welcomed yours.

I hope you can enjoy those Virginia mountains.


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What part of WV do you have relatives in? My mother was from Weston, WV. Her father was a diamond cutter there. I don't know too much on the family history. I never got back there too much. I was very young and was raised in St. Louis, MO... Just curious. You may know some of my family. Let me know, that would be interesting and a small world... Prayers for you and your family to get well and over the cold bug that attacked you...



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Guest Karen C

Hey the other Karen:

My mom's family is from the greater Rainelle area, which is about 30 miles from the big city of Beckley, in southeastern WV. My Dad's family hails from Charleston (I say I'm going to Charleston and people just assume it's Charleston SC and say, oh, how pretty! Yeah, pretty if you like rundown trailers and chemical plants . . . haha, no I love my birth city!). I think Weston is up north of Charleston, near Clarksburg, not far from Morgantown? Is that correct? Our company has alot of business and offices in that area. I HAD a cousin who lived up there, but unfortunately he committed suicide two years ago. So I don't get up there much anymore, Dave and I used to go visit him alot. It was REALLY PRETTY in that part of the world. I also would go to Clarksburg on business once or twice and poked around the area.

I doubt I know your family, but if you'll tell me their last name maybe I'll recognize it from some of our WV employees or I'll ask my Aunt, who seems to know every single person in West Virginia. Especially if they're Catholic. You never know, it's a darn small world.

Karen C.

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