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:cry: After my dad passing away less than 2 years ago from NSCLC my mom has been diagnosed with SCLC, my mom my friend.

This started with a virus, mom was had been poorly since Christmas time and we found out 4 weeks ago that my mom my friend has got small cell lung cancer in her one lung and as far as the scans show it hasnt gone anywhere elso yet?

The plan is for mom to have chemo ( carboplatin and etoposide) every 3 weeks and they have also put mom forward for the trial drug Thelidamide although we will never know if mom is having this.

I am finding this so difficult to deal with as I dont want anything to happen to my best friend my mom.

The cancer patients I have met to date are so brave and positive that it has helped me so much to be thankful and grateful of today.

My big sister gay-anne has been very brave and positive, gay-anne was close to dad and spent a lot of time with him up to the day of his passing, mom lives with gay-anne now.

I would love to talk to anyone who has cancer or anyone in the same position.


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It's hard to lose one parent and then have the other in jeopardy so soon. I lost both parents within a year when I was 24-25. Sounds like your mom is doing okay and there is a good plan of attack. Hang in there! My wife was given 9 months to live (statistically) and she is presently 1 1/2 years from dx and clear at this time. So there is always a lot of hope. Don

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hiya Don

thank you so much for your e mail, you sound like you are so positive and brave, i think my mom will be OK it is so painful at the moment as I love my mom so much the thought of anything happening to her is unimaginable.

please give my love to Lucie and tell her I am thinking about her in rainy England.

There is so much love in the world and we have to be grateful for every day.

My thoughts are with you both

Kind regards


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