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Did it bother anyone that Bill won and he owns a cigar shop?

I honestly cannot decide if it bothers me. On the one hand, people can choose to smoke. I am chubby, so who am I to talk. On the other hand, ones choice to smoke can effect others with second hand some. So I am torn.

How I am supposed to concentrate on my work when I need to figure out if I want to write NBC? Hmmmmm.

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Guest KellyB


I noticed myself,especially since my Dad switched to cigars in 1995 and did not stop until he was diagnosed 1/03. I hate any smoking but I have never been angry at him for it. In our world, unfortunately so many are addicted and we can't fault them for it. Instead awareness and prevention.


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I know what you mean. My mom smoked 20 + years ago. However I don't think the warnings were as severe then and as a result smoking got out of control. Maybe what bothers me about smoke is that sometimes it is unavoidable. They should just call Las Vegas breeding grounds for lung cancer (I should wear a mask when I go in July ;) ) I know it is all a choice, and I am not one to talk, it just suddenly bothered me when I heard he sells cigars.

What bothers me the most is that I cannot formulate an opinion one way or another in my head about what I think :) Part of my brain says GOOD FOR HIM, it is a business and if he can make a fortune that way, go for it. People choose to buy it. The other part of me is like cigars, bad. Very bad.

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There will always be somone out there to sell cigars and cigs. Its not the stores that should be held accountible but the government.

I heard on the news that an incredible amount (30) people died last year from ephedra so they are outlawing it.. MMMmmm how many died of lung cancer? The ephedra diet pill display was hung on the cigarette case at my local store.

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I Have been lurking on this message board for 5 months now. Reading it faithfully every day. Sometimes I am here for hours at a time waiting for new post. I am very impressed and feel like one of the family here. I feel I know each and every one personally, some days there is terrific news and I am so happy, others there is sad news and I cry for each and every one of you ( my husband thinks I'm goffy that I'm so attached to this board and I cry for people I don't even know).

The reason I have chosen to post now is in regards to Bill winning the apprentice.. and to provide my thoughts on the posts in this subject.

We as a society cannot blame the government on cigs and cigars, is the government not in our lives enough as it is, we are a free society that has the right to make choices, be those choices one makes good or bad, it is still our right, do we want the government

dictating and deciding our freedom of choice? If we were to allow the government to take society's right to smoke away, where would it end, would we then allow them to take away the right to arms, the right to dictate what we can eat and cannot eat - (to high in fat, to much cholesterol to much sugar etc). Would we allow the government to banish alcohol?

As I read Fays post on with out a trace, here is a couple of lines from Fays letter to CBS:

"We fight the disease process, and we fight the stigma associated with having a disease

that society believes we brought upon ourselves and deserve."

"One more thing...if you believe that because you have never smoked, never been exposed to secondhand smoke, never been exposed to radon or any other known carcinogen, that you are not at risk for developing Lung Cancer, then you are wrong"

Granted, smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer, but - do we want to continue with the

stigma as Fay points out to allow society to believe we brought it on ourselves because we were


As KellyB points out, " awareness and prevention" not the government dictating to society...

Well with that said, I will go back to my lurking and praying for each and everyone of you.


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