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A mouse is in heaven.....

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I am pleased to report that Mickey Scheff, an unwanted child, was killed yesterday, April 15, 2004 during the day. It is unknown at this time what relatives survived Mickey. We will find out in the next week I am sure as a trap is still out :):)

Heehee. I didn't really need them to kill it. I thought the whole point of the glue trap instead of the other kind was to capture it, make it stick and then let it loose?????? But then someone at work told me the bait is actually poison? I am confused. Oh well, it is gone. For whatever reason, Brian found it dead after work yest and maintence simply threw him in the dumpster. Poor little guy. I hope to visit his uncle Mickey Mouse at Disneyland within the month to pay my respects ;)

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Well, glad it's gone anyway. We don't use traps or poison here...

I'm an animal lover myself, have had hamsters and gerbils for pets, but our house out in the boonies is a real mouse-magnet.

Fortunately, one of my 2 cats is a truly dedicated mouser. (Warning - gross stuff ahead :shock: ). I know we've had a mouse intruder when I find the pre-digested remains, usually down in the basement. For some reason, they are a feline delicacy :? . But a whole mouse is too much to fit in a kitty-tummy, so...

Kelley learned quickly not to bring his "toys" upstairs when we took away the barely living/freshly killed mice he dragged up. One night, he was raising h@ll in our bedroom - I was convinced he had a hair scrunchie - and when I chased him out of the room my foot contacted the still-warm body :shock::shock::shock: .

We never see any "calling cards", so I know Kelley gets 'em before they get cozy. Our other cat, Ollie, is too lazy to catch mice. I think. I've never seen him with one.

If any relatives show up, Andrea, consider the low-tech solution from the local shelter :wink: . Great therapy, too.

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Mice are not turned loose from glue traps...

Brings me to a story of my first Thanksgiving with my now-spouse... My son was with his father so it was the big guy, me, the dog and our new kitty. The exterminator had been to my house the week before and installed new glue traps AGAINST my wishes. I didn't want poison (because of the kitty) and I feel the glue is inhumane...snappin' their heads is fine, not much in the suffering department but to STARVE to death?? No thanks...

So, there's a glue trap beside my refrigerator and a curious kitten I can't keep away from it...and the big guy and I are cooking dinner...cornish game hens and all kinds of trimmings...

And all of a sudden, there's a gray BLUR from beside the fridge and something that resembles a bunny hopping toward the living room...and not being able to "hide" with a dog wandering along behind barking in all the excitement...

Can't be a mouse, too big...and HOPPING? A kangaroo rat??

Nope! A kitten with both back feet and part of both legs GLUED to the glue trap...picture something the size of a bathroom tile covered with glue and stuck on kitty feet...causing the hopping as the legs couldn't be separate...

So, I catch the kitty...who is all aflutter, BIG glassy eyes, very, very scared.... And I wonder just how in the hell to get her out of the mess???

Big guy suggests cold water so we begin (couldn't use hot water to soften the glue, would scald the kitty)...we try to chip her toes out of the glue and finally get the bottom of the trap off...but she has glue between her toes, up her leg, all over Mark...and then it's on to alcohol - and after a stiff drink (just kidding)...

What a MESS!

...and the glue traps the exterminator left in the attic? Caught lizards...little blue skinks, go figure!

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