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blood infection


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My dad finished his radiation about 2 weeks ago and was starting to feel better somewhat but last weekend started losing appetite and feeling crappy -- bad enough to not go to church on Easter. He then had some night sweats (no fever) and abdominal pain. We saw the oncologist Wednesday and she took some blood. Today tests came back that he has a bacterial infection in the blood, at least this is what my mom says, who is the one who talked to the nurse. They called in some antibiotics. From what little reading I've done, this can be pretty serious -- is it normal to just do antibiotics at home unless symptoms get worse? I guess the good side, if there is one, is that this could explain why he was feeling crappy as opposed to it being a general hideous progression of the disease, and I guess if they caught it early maybe there's a better chance of dealing with it.

I don't even LIKE roller coasters.

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Carla, I Don't know what exactly your dad's infection status, I just know if the infection goes to bloodstream, it could be deadly. I think doctors will do the lab test on defining what exact type of bacteria it is and will prescribe corresponding antibiotics to treat.

My dad is taking "injected & dripping" antibiotics instead of pills/tablets.

Hope your dad get well soon.

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Carla and Berisa,

I'm so, so sorry that both of you are having to deal not only with cancer, but with these frightening infections, as well. There are some amazingly powerful antibiotics out there that can wipe out the worst infections, and hopefully your special dads are getting the best.

Much love and blessings to you both,


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I am assuming that the blood tests were blood cultures that told them exactly what the bacteria was and what antibiotic would kill it. You are right that it can be serious but I would think his must have been caught early or he would have been hospitalized on IV antibiotics. If his fever comes back call the doctor.


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Thanks - I found some info about the blood culture process and I am hoping that they found the right thing and prescribed the right medication, and also assume that it must be early on or they'd have put him in the hospital. Of course this assumes that they know what they are doing..... He goes in MOnday to see the oncologist's nurse anyway, so I will arm him with tons of written questions and hopefully they will figure out what else needs to be done. Also hopefully I can get my brother to go along with them, as I will be back home by then. They did tell him to call if he had a fever of 100.5, and today his was 97 something -- he tends to run lower than normal as a rule.

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