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I can't help but laugh.....


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What an interesting day. Brian told my mother in law that I was having a really bad day, I was crying, depressed, I took Xanax, I am worried about my dad's test and my mom's increasingly worsening cough is driving me nuts (I know it is a radiation side effect, but I still don't like it), and I was upset about some other stuff that was said about me today and all in all, just a crappy icky day.

As you all know there has been a "flury" FINALLY in the media that lung cancer is the leading killer amongst women. Yay!

So,my mother in law decided that lung cancer is a woman's cancer. She was at the supermarket today and saw Revlon's Walk for Life and how it supports woman's cancers. She decided she would take it upon herself to donate lots of money in honor of my mom and sign herself and me up as volunteers for the event. :shock:

She was all proud of herself and I just burst out laughing---I told her that Revlon does not consider lung cancer a woman's disease and the funds are not allocated to LC and I made an oath to LCSC to boycott revlon. She went uh oh :oops: I said don't worry, not a big deal, I appreciated it and it would be my honor and pleasure to help work the event :) I just said I have to keep in line with the LCSC boycott and refuse to buy the products and instead will carry a LC totebag ;)

I swear I feel like I am in the twilight zone sometime. OK, gotta run, I hear Brian pittering about and he can't catch me on line.

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Glad you are back Andrea. I have found that no matter what is said or how it is said, someone will hear it the wrong way.

I think we are all here to comfort and support each other, to provide information and knowledge and to get LC the funding and advocacy it needs.


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