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The Great Bunny Rescue


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Not really for "Laughs" but it was funny in a way.

Today as I was getting ready to do the breakfast dishes I heard this awful "crying" sound and my big tom cat went flying through the kitchen. My daughter fast on his heels said "Stop him Mom, he has something". I cornered him in the kitchen only to have him drop about a 2 week old jack rabbit at my feet! Poor thing was screeching his lil heart out, scared to death. We got a towel and picked the bunny up to check him over. Didn't appear to have any injuries so now we had to find the nest to put it back. Luckily my daughter had seen which way the cat came from so we had some idea where to look. Under the slide on my grandsons swing set we saw tell tell bunny fur from the nest and sure enough, there it was with 1 more baby bunny in it. We put the bunny back and covered him with his brother / sister and he calmed right down. I hope Momma Bunny comes back soon to check on them. In the mean time we will be really careful and be sure the cats do NOT get out of the house!

Ahhhhhhhh spring in the Ozarks!

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