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When LC mets to the brain, what are the treatment choices

S. Jane

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I'm doing some research for my Dad who is deciding against having PCI and is interested in knowing what can be done if the SCLC he has mets to the brain. Right now, his doctor said they can make him comfortable, but I'm reading that there are other options and I'd like know what can be done, and how it has worked, and side effects that have happened.

Thanks to all!

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Hello Jane,

My mom was diagnosed with sclc with mets to the brain and liver.

They pretty much said the same thing, keep her comfortable.

She opted to do radiation and chemo.

Now, the brain mets are gone. The liver is better and the tumor is shrinking.

The only place she had radiation was her head. That may be a stupid thing to say though. Do they do radiation at other parts of the body?

Sorry, I'm showing my stupidity. I'm sure they do.

Anyway, that's our experience with it.

Praying for your dad and your family.

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Thanks for responding Rosie. Yes, they do radiation to other parts of the body - lung/breast/liver you name it, it appears to be successful in many cases. No question is stupid.

Was there any side effects to the brain radiation? How many times was it administered?


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I had 15 whole brain radiation treatments and made a couple of posts about the effects it had on me.You can find them in this general forum with a search I think.In short I lost all my hair,sunburned head and ears,loss of appetite and extreme fatigue.But it kept me alive.The tumors shrunk.Good luck to you.Praying for us all.TBone

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Thanks for replying TBone. I will do a search on what you have written previously. With three brain mets, was there no other option but have WBR? Is there another kind of radiation (I'm wondering about gamma knife and radio----???static, treatments) that pinpoints the mets? At this point Dad's doctor isn't offering anything if it mets to the brain, but this board has shown me there are options, and I need to learn as much as I can. Thanks.

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Hi Jane,

Mom had the same kind of side effects TBone said he had.

The hair loss, sunburn scalp, loss of appetite, fatigue.

She was doing chemo at the same time of the radiation, so it could have been either causing some of the appetite and fatigue, etc. stuff.

I hope that helps.

Love and prayers...

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Exactly the kind of information I was looking for, thanks all. Now I just read a post about tropotacan (SP?) and I'll look into that too. With all that is available, I just scratch my head and wonder why the doctor told Dad he wouldn't be doing anything if it mets to the brain! Wierd coincidence, two days ago Dad had just asked me to look into what Lance Armstrong had --- and I thought THAT was way off. Dad has never talked about Lance Armstrong in his life....and here Bean Si brings it up....

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