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typical reactions to Diluadin (sp)?


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is this typical.

my father has been put on Diluadin (sp) for pain. He has literally been asleep since Friday night and its Monday afternoon. Now we have woken him up and made him drink and move around a little, but within say 30 minutes he is right back in bed asleep again.

his dr. did say that he would be groggy with these new pain med, but is this what should be happening. We have pretty much pleaded with him to let us call the dr. or take him to the hospital to make sure everything is ok, but he won't let us and even if we call the dr. wont talk to us since he wont sign the medical proxy.

any suggestions....

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Awhile ago a young man came into the chat room with the same concerns about Dilaudid. His father was halucinating and having lots of problems with it. It is a very strong narcotic. I wonder if they have him on too strong a dose?

It is good your are waking him and making him drink, he doesn't need dehydration on tope of everything else. Since you can't question the doctor I guess I would call the pharmacist and ask what the normal dosage is for someone with your dad's weight. Keep pushing the fluids and watch for constipation, I'm not sure if it slows the bowels like morphine does.


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They put my dad on it and it did the same to him, about 12 hours after they put him on it he ended up in ICU, and well you know the rest of the story... Now I dont want to alarm you but I feel I have to tell you what I found out after my dad passed, I was on a mission to find out all the side effects of this narcotic, during my research I found out that it should not be given to someone with respiratory problems, so please beware, I still cant figure out why they gave it to him, he was on oxygen as well. I really think they messed up....

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