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APB On Snowflake


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Ok Becky,

It is now 3 days since you have shown your face (I mean dragon picture)on the board. You did not call in absent, you did not report in prior to leaving, you did not even request the hall pass.

Fair warning if you don't show up here soon I am calling you!


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Hey snowflake,

If you didn't melt you need to come on back.We are all experiencing withdrawals as you can see.You do not have to play hooky here.We will give you permission to skip out for a day or two but you must ask.Now get your arse back here.TBone :twisted:

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Oh wow, you guys! I didn't think I wouldn't be on over the weekend or I would have begged Rochelle for a hall pass!

As Karen said, I've been giving my house a "facelift" to get it on the market by tomorrow... We have painted the ENTIRE downstairs, cleared clutter, decompressed closets, raked leaves (again! they keep blowing into my yard!) washed windows (ask my husband my opinion on windows - each window took about an hour to do!), FOUND the refrigerator (the realtor was not impressed with all the quotes I had collected so the fridge filing is down to the magnetic school calendar with absent phone number), moved furniture around to make the house look bigger (need one of those travel trailer cranks for THAT!)...

...and I am SO sore, and so tired....and SO not speaking to my husband right now.... Ahhhhh, the sweet silence of prolonged stress....

Tonight is the polish session - scouring sinks, corners, polishing floors...and cleaning the two windows I somehow missed in the big clean!

Not sure if I will make chat - I'll either be busy cleaning or in bed by 8... Just absolutely exhausted!

PLEASE, cross your fingers this thing sells in a week and amazes me....I SOOOO want out of this little box....

...and I'll be back, when I find what box I put my sense of humor in. I'm not a whole lotta fun right now...go figure! :roll:


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Geez, Frank, by the time YOU type something out, I could write a book! 8) (Yep, yer being picked on....)

Mo and Katie, geez, I win already! Don't ya'll southerners play hide-n-seek with the "Ollie, Ollie oxen free" (WHATEVER the hell THAT means) rule?? All ya had to do was call out with that and I'da had to "come home"! :wink:

Norme, you have the ONLY Buddy Bear that'll ever crop up, just as you had the heart of the "model" Buddy.... :)

Ginny, TBone, Becky, Jen, MaryAnn, JC - I may have been offline, but the jokes continued to come in. I promise to post some soon...and thanks for the positive vibes on the house sale.

Karen, how YOUR brain works so much better than mine with what you just had done...AMAZES me! I'm in a fog and you are sooooo clear! :oops: Thanks for dissipating the worry among the group...

Andrea, no vacation...next time I take four days off in a row there better be cabana boys and drinks served in coconut shells with umbrellas and flowers (no freakin' pineapple slices) just like "Fantasy Island"...

...and Lily, about that festival....I told my husband I'd rather SWALLOW than wash windows...and to tell ya how ugly the job was, he didn't take me up on it and trade!

I played Spider Fighter all weekend, discovered that last year's Indian Corn that I saved to PLANT this year kept the murine animals fed all winter, learned that if you put the plug in the sink first the screws won't fall into the sink (only when the plug is left out - this time, I had the plug in and didn't have to dig around the garbage disposal), AND I learned that I should EMBRACE the yard sale concept and GET RID of some of the clutter forever! Geesh, it has a life of its own!

Still thinking about Chat tonight, but probably won't make it...Lily will have to start the balls rolling :shock: LOL

Have fun! I'll be back by next week - God willing and if the creek don't rise! :lol:


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