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Let's hand out flyers at Relay for Life!


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I have an idea! :idea: It seems that A LOT of people are doing Relay for Life. I know that at my Relay for Life we are encouraged to hand out information as sort of a "mission".

Katie and Rick designed a really neat flyer that gives info and this website address. If we all hand them out at relay, I bet we could help a lot of people with lung cancer find a new home and enjoy this website as much as we do!!

The flyers look pretty if printed on color paper. You can even ask your work (or sneak yourself to the copy machine) if you can run off 100 copies at work since it is for charity :):):):)

I also came up with a new idea today, but I am not sure if it would work. Back in the good old days of high school and college I was a Days of Our Lives addict. Yes, I DO admit it. I used to spend lots of money going to Days of Our Lives luncheons and fan events :oops: I know some of you are rolling your eyes :roll: , but it was really fun for me and I made some good friends. So, I was thinking, how do people book such events where unassuming people like me spend hundres on raffle tickets for a studio tour (I won one once!)................I want to look into it. That would be a fun fundraiser :):):):)

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Bless your enthusiasm and energy! It makes my heart happy to see how much creative energy you're putting into all this.

I want you to know that , although I cannot match your energy or your efforts, I laud your intentions and appreciate everything you are doing on survivors' behalf.

I'm also coming to know you better through your posts, and I really enjoy your 'company' as it were on the boards.

Thank you for everything!! ... for being you.....



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