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Chest X-ray clean


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I called the doc today to get my x-ray results because the hospital never called me (another strike!). Anyway, she doc says they looked pretty normal and I asked her if I would need a refill on my antibiotic because I only have 2 days left. She said no because this is my second one and once it starts working it should be good enough. I am not coughing as much any more but I can still feel some congestion. She's not worried but said if it continues, then I should get a CT. Then again, this is the same lady who failed to diagnose my mom with cancer.

My mom's final chemo appointment is next Monday, May 19th, which incidentally also happens to be her birthday. Her next CT scan is in June and she will also meet with her surgeon for her 3 month followup. If all is well, then I guess she will finally have her port removed. Then, we will just live on prayer.

Thanks for all your support.

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