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Just asking for your prayers


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I just wanted to come to you all and ask for your prayers. My mom has lung cancer with mets to the brain. She went for a mamogram last week and they called her back because there were discrepancies found. She has to go on Friday to have a sonogram done of her chest. Thursday she goes to her doctor to get the results from her brain scan to see how those tumors are doing or if they are gone. I just feel do bad for her, I try to be her strength and give her encouraging words, but this disease just sickens me. I'm sorry, but there are times you feel so helpless. I thank God that I can turn to him. Please just say a prayer for my mom Kathy.

Thank you all, I am so glad I found this site.

God bless you all, Tammy

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Guest KellyB

I am so sorry to hear that your Mom is going thru this, you can count on prayers from me, she is dealing with alot and I know you feel helpless. My best advice is take one day at a time. There will be tests and waiting and worrying and it all stinks, but this is a wonderful place with so many caring people who are so happy to help with support and advice. I am in NY also, where are you at? I am on Long Island. Please private message anytime Be well ...... Kelly

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