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Mom running a fever, what do I do?

Guest randa'sdaughter

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Guest randa'sdaughter

My mother has finished up radiation (in mid-March) chemo was finished up in February. She had scans done at the end of March and everything was all clear.

She has been doing really well up until now. She has started running a fever - has gotten as high as 102. All she is wanting to do is sleep. She had been having a problem keeping food down. But that seems to have subsided.

She hasn't called the doctor's office because she feels like they won't say anything new. That she may have a bug.

Don't y'all think I should call if she won't? Don't you think the doctor should be notified? She has even complained that her head feels all hot inside. She did have 15 PCI treatments.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. You guys are the greatest!

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My Dr. wants to know if I ever get over 100.5 degrees. I take my temp anytime I feel the slightest bit ill and have had to call him 5 or 6 times. Better to be safe and catch something early than to be sorry and wait till it takes alot more treatment to clear up.

This disease turns you in to a sort of hypocondriac but I have decided there is nothing wrong with that. If something doesn't feel right, call the Dr. So what if it is "just a bug" at least they can treat it and keep it from becoming something else.

Just my 2 cents worth, lol.

God Bless,


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Guest randa'sdaughter

Her doctor had said to call with a fever of 100.3 or higher. My mother thought that was during chemo. Well, they finally talked with someone from the doctor's office and they called a prescription in and wanted her to come in for a chest x-ray. They didn't get the appointment made in time so she had to go in this morning. So now we are awaiting a call from her doctor to see what's next.

My mom is also having a bad pain in her hip - she says it's her sciatic nerve. So believe me, we will be having that checked out as soon as we can, too. She had a bone scan not long ago...

Thanks for the reinforcements! I told her that everyone was telling me to call the doctor!!

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