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Has Mo posted again?


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I am reading really quicky at work to catch up on the day and I see that Mo posted that she had a call into the doctor, that she was feeling quacky (a polite word for sucky that I made up), but I did not see a follow up. Has anyone heard? Did I miss a post? It is tough to sneak on here when people come in and out of my office :) It is like don't they understand that I realize I have work to do, but if I am away from the internet for most of the day like I was today, I must read quickly before I can continue working???? Some people need a cigarette fix, I happen to need an internet fix ;)

I had an odd thought today. Well maybe not so odd. We picked a jury today for a trial, there were about 40 people in the room and my first thought was I wonder if anyone has lung cancer growing in their chest or another unknown tumor. I called my mom during the break and she laughed at me, told me I am crazy, but also admitted wondering the same thing herself sometimes in large crowds.

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