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Does anyone feel good during the chemo??


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My husband fairly new to chemo. He had a couple of good days but other than that, he has joint aches, edema, and so forth. He is working from our home so he does handle it well but I thought since this was an "off" week from chemo, he would feel much better. Is this the norm?

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My mom had carbo/taxol as her first line of chemo. She had it weekly and she would feel tired and some achiness for about 2 to 3 days afterward. Then when she did start to feel better it was time for chemo again. Overall she handled it very well. Then her second line of chemo was Taxotere, given weekly. This one knocked her for a loop. She never did feel good while on that one. Hope this helps. Blessings to you.

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I had chemo one week and one day of four weeks. I didn't feel great while I was on chemo, or between chemo. Took a couple weeks after the last one before I felt really improved. Didn't feel anything close to normal for a long time, though... especially with food tasting funny, or being able to swallow easily.

Hang in there, it DOES get better, just not really quickly.



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My husband just completed his 3rd 3-day round of chemo. His first two rounds of chemo were "piggy backed" with radiation. Last 3 day round was pretty hard but this round is a little better. I think each experience after each round is different for some.

I have one piece of advice though - if the doctor gives you meds for nausea - take them as soon as possible even though he's not feeling lik e he needs them. WE made that mistake last round. Jumping ahead of the symptoms is the key sometimes!

Good luck - remember this is just for now, not forever. You'll BOTH get through it!

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