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Hi Everyone,

Hi I'm Mini George's wife. I've been reading the messages since Mini George has found this site, but I'm no computer whiz, so I haven't been writing, but Mini George has been showing me a little at a time.

I just want to tell everyone that you guys really helped me "A LOT" when Mini George was going through his operations.Now he's one lung short,but he is still whole to me.

I wanted to write because,Mini George has great news but feels bad that he has good news, and some don't have such great news'but it just goes to show you if you stick to it ,everyone might get great news also.

We went to see the doc. Monday and he told us that he was "Cancer free" :D:)8)

He is so strong,I would cry if someone looked at me sideways, but he would tell me "You Have To Be Strong Dear".Iwould try but Ijust couldn't do it, so I had to go see a social worker and it helped me "A lot"

Well enough babbling so I wish Everyone Good Luck and Prayers Going Everyone's Way.

Good Night And Sweet Dreams Too Everyone.

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Hi Mrs Mini George,

You tell Mr Mini George that he has hugs and a Happy Dance comin' and that we are thrilled that he is "cancer free" that is music to our ears! We need the hope of dx like that to counter all the rest, so he shouldn't be shy about publishing good news for us!



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Dear Mr. George,

This is great news! This kind of news is what let's everyone know that our Lord hears our prayers and the He heals us. This is very encouraging and puts a smile on our face. We are so happy for You both. Don't ever feel bad...

God Bless,


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Hi Mrs. Mini George 8)

I'm so happy that you posted the GOOD NEWS! We really appreciate this kind of message because it helps to counteract some of the sad and less positive results that need to be shared.

Keep up those good scans, celebrate, play, and enjoy each blessed day! Hope to hear more positives from you!

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Hi, Mrs, Mini-George!

You tell "himself" that we celebrate the good news when and where we can find it! And I am VERY happy that NED has come to call upon MiniGeorge.

I hope that the two of you will go out and celebrate this wonderful news. We'll be celebrating along with you. :)

Fay A. PS We're the kind of folks who rejoice in the good news from our friends. It doesn't make me sad. Makes me happy.

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Hey Mr & Mrs Mini George,


Us one lungers can live many years cancer free, and I'm living proof my friend! YOU GO MAN!!! CONGRATULATIONS to you BOTH!

Love to hear the GOOD NEWS!!!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,


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