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Bone scan


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Hi everybody,

I had a bone scan done yesterday to see if they can locate the source of this excruciating leg pain.I will go for results tomorrow and hopefully begin radiation if they find the spot.I will get my chemo port done on Tuesday and my oncologist likes to wait a week to begin chemo after the port is in place so looks like I am looking at another week before chemo begins.Praying for us all.TBone

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I hope that you are going to get good results from your scan. I pray for you and your family. Especially your wife who loves you so.

The courage and faith that you and your entire family show here is incredible.

May God grant you many days ahead to enjoy them.

Much love,


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I hope the bone scan gives you some answers to the pain. I have experienced a great reduction in shoulder/neck pain since starting Celebrex in addition to the chemo. I know they'll resolve this for you...pain is no good!!

Funny how different doctors have their preferences...I started my first chemo days after the placement of a port and I notice that is true of many people I see in the good ole chemo room.

My prayers are with you,


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Good luck to you on scan results. I hope they find nothing (hmmm, is that an appropriate response for testing THAT area on a man? Kinda like wishing an empty head on someone - so glad I never professed to be "normal"!) AND can fix the (now) "phantom" pain.

Take care!


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Hope the scan shows arthritis or a big black and blue mark. Whatever, it may be, I just hope they give you something to alleviate the pain.

The port is really a god send. Makes all the stuff that has to be done so much easier. Earl felt a lump near the bottom of his and panicked (What someone with cancer panicking about a lump) and the onc. looked, felt and said 'Oh that is supposed to be there'. If you get this lump, don't panic.


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