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chemo going better

close to the edge

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This is my week of rest from chemo But in general I am doing better. thank you all for your advice :D the hair is comming out big time now and it is freekin me out but other than that I'm ok. I go back for blood work only today, Vampires they are!!!! Next week is the toxic week. just wanted to give you all a short update on my progress. take care luv & light to all

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I am glad you are feeling somewhat better.

This is indeed a roller coaster.

Your hair will grow back.

Meanwhile, I liked the terry cloth "turbans" from ACS, they have a catalog. They were nice to sleep in, kept my head from itching, and also from being cold -- you lose so much heat from your head, and I was always cold... They also absorb sweat, and I had one half of my scalp sweating on and off very heavily. Besides, they were kinda cute, and really soft.

Take care,



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I'm glad you are feeling better...there definitely are ups and downs in this process. The first day my hair started clumping out, I dashed to the beauty salon and had them buzz it all off and that made it easier to deal with for me. I, too, relied on turbans...they became my fashion statement from June to December of 2002.



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Guest Phyllis

I'm glad you are feeling better too. I am on my third round of chemo and this is the first time on a chemo that I am losing my hair. I am not real thrilled about it either, but what you gonna do. I have some hats from the Gap that are soft and slouching and baseball caps. When I wear those with enough makeup I get all kinds of compliments from men. Go figure. Thank God for eyebrow pencils and stuff.

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Glad to hear you're feeling better. Being a man, the loss of hair did not bother me a bit, in fact I liked it...didn't have to shave. When mine started falling out, my son and two grand kids came over and we had a "Buzz cut Grandpa's Head" party. every one got their turn. Helped me and the grand kids never gave a second thought as to why I was bald. I did start wearing a hat to keep my head warm, as discussed above.



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My husb. hair came out all at once, too. I think it was maybe about the 8th day of WBR - don't remember for sure. He walked up to me with a clump of hair between two fingers and said, "Well, it's started." The next thing I knew he came out of the bathroom with a big grin on his face, bald-headed and holding a paper plate full of all his hair and said, "Well, I don't have to worry about that anymore." We had a good laugh, too. And yes, it does grow back - he even got a haircut last Sat. I told him he was starting to look like a hippy. (Yeah, right! He didn't have enough hair before WBR to look like a hippy). :lol: I told him I didn't marry him for his hair, but for his cute butt! :lol:


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Glad to hear that you are feeling better.

As the spouse of a LC survivor, I can't say that I know what it is like, but I do know from sharing with my husband that those times between treatments when you feel almost normal and really good are priceless and should be celebrated. Although the chemo sucks, it is a necessary pain to kill those cancer cell buggers, and as chloesmom said, visualize those cancer cells being obliviated by each of those chemo doses.

Keith never lost all his hair, but it did start thinning out dramatically in a matter of days until all he had left was a thin baby fuzz all over his head. He's been off of chemo now since Nov. and it has grown back and then some. His hair is now thicker, shinier, and wavier than ever. It was hard on him to lose the hair.

Best Wishes and lots of prayers


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