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Ok, well I noticed. I went back and read your original post last night after all the talk on the other thread. Forget writing a book Becky, just print your first post! Then I looked at your joined date and number of posts and I thought ummmmmmm someone with a bigger mouth than me. :wink:

Hey mhutch, everytime my little girl sees your bassett hound go by she wants to know what the dogs name is. So what is the dogs name???

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Gee, David, if it's all that precious, I'll make sure I "pass" some to you! LOL

Moving further north will be a "good thing". I'll be able to shoot at stuff if I want to (Lead Therapy) OR soak in a deep tub (Water Therapy) OR step onto the back porch and yell it all out without the cops coming (Primal Scream Therapy) OR turn up the music and dance it all out (Music Therapy)... Lots of therapy comin' my way!

Oh yeah, and then there's the Pyro - "bomb"fires away...

A bit of trivia for you on word origins - know where the word "bonfire" originated? England, during the Plague... Bodies built up faster than they could be buried so there were huge "bone fires"... Gross, huh?

...and that cute song that school kids sing, "Ring Around the Rosie" - that's all about the bubonic plague/black death:

Ring around the rosies (begins with rosy red spots)

A pocket full of posies (dead/decaying bodies in the streets smelled SO bad, people carried flowers in their pockets)

Ashes, ashes (see the "bone fire" reference above...)

We all fall down (pretty morbid - basically, everyone was going to die of it)

So today, you learned something new - might be able to use it on a "Final Jeopardy" question some day! :roll:

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