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My brother has been told to stop the Iressa. It isn't working any longer they said. He has had several side effects to leave since stopping. The swelling has gone down in his face and feet. The other painful and bothersome side effects have stopped.

But, the tumors are growing, and have spread.

Hospice is being called.

If it were I, I would have tried it,too.

It can still be a very good answer to many people.

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I don't feel like it didn't work. I am thankful for it. It did for awhile. Then at one of the appointments his onc said that he wouldn't refill his Rx. With this info,he decided to "experiment" with what he had left. He started taking it every other day. The Ct scans did not support the dr's decision at that time. But, he wasn't the one to come up with the idea to begin the Iressa originally. My brother's daughter and I had read about it. His dr. did not know anything about the "new experimental drug" at this point. He told him he had a couple of weeks at best, and suggested a chest tube procedure, if he wanted to stay around an extra couple of weeks. We asked for the Iressa, and with much hesitation on his part agreed to it. He also had to go off of it a couple of others times when in the hospital having some procedures done. That was also a few days.

The side effects are not the reason for stopping, the tumor growth is the reason.

Everyone who's taking Iressa and doing well, keep doing it until reports or side effects are worse than you can manage with.

I believe there is hope still for many. I am glad that it gave us a lot more time. That, and the grace of God.

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I am so sorry to hear that treatment is longer working for your brother. As you can see from the picture below the reason I joined this group was my brother. I love him so very much and I know you love yours and have been there for him also. I have to give it to God and get my support through him and the members here. God bless you and your brother.

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New info released today about Tarceva may be of some help?

Tarceva Extends Survival of Patients with Relapsed Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

-- Only HER1/EGFR-inhibitor to Show Survival Benefit in a Randomized, Controlled Phase III Trial  --

MELVILLE, N.Y.; SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.; and BASEL, Switzerland --  April 25, 2004 --  OSI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq:OSIP), Genentech, Inc. (NYSE:DNA), and Roche (SWX Zurich) today announced that a Phase III study of Tarceva™ (erlotinib HCl), an investigational HER1/EGFR-inhibitor agent in previously treated patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), met its primary endpoint of improving overall survival, with patients receiving Tarceva™ living longer than those in the placebo arm of the study. The trial also met secondary endpoints including improving time to symptomatic deterioration, progression-free survival and response rate. OSI will work with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to complete the New Drug Application (NDA) for Tarceva™ during the summer.

SEE URL's below:

http://nocache.corporate-ir.net/ireye/i ... _id=518844


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