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Japanese lung cancer study surprise U.S. Investigators


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Does anyone know if this means that we will be able to get this drug sometime soon or what?

I remember reading about this last year at the same time that big study came out that said adjuvant chemo was beneficial for early stage people. I remember that the UFT was specific to stage 1B, which is me, and it was only in pill form, not IV. At the time, the oncs told me I'd have to go live in Europe for a couple of years if that's what I wanted to do.

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I read the same study last year.....I copied it and handed it to my onco. He said it was a 'promising' treatment...but unavailable in this country. I ask.......Why can't a drug combo like this be put on the FDA's FAST TRACK?? An 85% five year survival rate is the shot in the arm that we lung cancer patients need. Go figure.....

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I have an onc appt in a couple of weeks and I'm going to ask her again about this, but I think she told me last year that the FDA would never approve this for use in the US because it is to close to another approved drug, FU5, or something like that...........I thought at the time that this drug in the Japanese study was exactly what I should be on because of my tumor status and it was a pill, not IV form.

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