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where is God?


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Where Is God??


>Two little brothers were always in trouble in the town

>they lived in. The parents decided the only thing to do

>was to have the new Priest in town talk to them. The

>Priest agreed but he said, only one at a time.


>So Billy went first. The Priest walked into the room

>where Billy was sitting and asked, "Where is God"?

>Billy just sat there starring at the floor so the Priest

>asked again, in a louder voice, "Where is God"?

>Billy started to squirm in his chair when in a booming

>voice, the Priest asked ,"Where is God"?


>At this point, Billy jumped up, ran out of the room,

>down the street into his house , up the stairs, into his

>room and stood leaning against the door making sure he

>hadn't been followed.


>His brother Bobby asked him. "What happened"? And Billy

>said, "You are not going to believe this, but God is

>missing and they're trying to blame us"!!!!


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