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Sisters of St. Michaels


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A salesman was driving down a long country road feeling very lonely and in need of company preferably a woman's company. He spotted a sign on the side of the road but thought he had read it wrong so he backed up. Sure enough the sign was pointing down a very long drive way and asking people to visit the prostitutes of St. Michaels.

Now being a man not only was his curiosity arroused but other things as well. He decided he had to find out if what the sign said was true. He turned down the drive way and drove up to the front of a very large building. He rang the bell and a nun came to answer the door. He said 'pardon me Sister but is the sign at the front of the drive correct?" "yes" she replied for $50 you can have fifteen minutes with one of the Sisters to do anything you please."

He wasted no time in taking a $50 from his billfold and handing it over. A very pretty young nun took his hand and led him down the hall. There were several doors along the way but she passed them all up. When they got to the last door she told him to go inside and wait for her there. He opened the door and before he could see where he was the door slammed behind him. As he realized that he was outside once again he saw another sign. It said "Thanks for the donation. You have just been screwed by the Sisters of St. Michaels."

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