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For Anyone With An Interest In "The Other Side"


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Hi everyone. I hope you are all doing well this evening. I just remembered a website a friend of mine had told me about a few years ago, before my father was even diagnosed. My friend and I were avid John Edward (Crossing Over) watcher's at the time and she found this website which has a message board and the people there discuss in great length's their beliefs about what happens during life after death and so forth. It is called theseance.com for anyone who is interested in checking it out. Much love to all.


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One of my girlfriends got us tickets to go see him when he is here in June. I have read a number of his books and had a few of those experiences in the past myself. Some don't believe in what he does, but I have had experiences in the past that give me reason to believe that someone else would have them too. It is hard to explain.

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