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Hi everyone-

Thank you for the well wishes on the fundraiser so many of you helped to make possible.

FRI: It took me 5 hours to set up. It was a mess- picture 5 foot 1 in. me lugging boxes from a parking lot (about 2 football fields in length) away. Needless to say I could only hold one box at a time so I took probably 10 round-trips. eWe my feet hurt now! Then I had to set up the two tables and unpack everything. I have no help here (RICK- you owe me so big for bailing out :evil: )

Then....it....... began......... to.......... RAIN!

Sprinkle alittle at first...no big deal..then bursts of rain here and there...still no big deal. There were still some folks- talked with some people about LC and passed out some information..... not a success but it was coming along slowly...........then.............. about 7:30 PM............. the parks services people tell us to hurry and pack up because there has been a TORNADO WARNING. :!: ... OHmyGOd!

WHAT else can go wrong? So I take advantage that I am home by 9 pm. Pick up the kids from my moms and the baby is up all night (Remember, I am alone- Rick is out of town) and then I finally manage to sleep from 4 am to 7 am. I get out of bed thirty minutes ago and look outside and it is a MONSOON....It is coming down in sheets!!!!

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? the festival is rain-or-shine so I guess I have to get out my raincoat- but when it rains, the people don't come, and without people- there is NO ONE to buy anything...... Geeze, I knew we wouldn't make millions, but I was hoping to make some, or at least break even.....?!>@?#>!

HELP- send me your prayers.....anyone with native american heritage? I need an "Anti-Rain" dance real quick!

Loads of love,

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This can't help you today, but, there is a relay for life scheduled in Rockwall on May 14-May 15. I do not know if they are having booths, but the number to call and check is 972 772-5646. If you decide to set up a booth, let me know and I will give you some help (as long as it is a "good" chemo week!) Maybe we could get others in east Texas to lend a hand (Cheryl). It you be great to put a "real" face to the posts!

Sorry about the rain!

Let me know what you find out!


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)


I just got home so I hope it's not too late to add

1) a prayer

2) a spell for sunshine

3) a Celtic shaman blessing

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I've done the Rain-A-Way Dance and Rap...don't know if it's working on your end, but around here it's scared away EVERYTHING: Rain, the wind, the kids, the dog, my neighbors....only thing apparently NOT affected "...is those nice young men in their clean white suits, and they're coming to take me away...".

No kidding, Katie, I hope the sun shines for you. I wish I were there to help.

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I was scrolling anxiously to find the Fay A. response and she didn't let me down, bless her!!!! 8)


I don't know what to say except CR@P!!!!! Hope things cleared up! The yucky weather on top of everything else has to be disheartening, to say the least.

Doin' a little Anti-Rain-Chair-Boogey as I type... :wink:

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Oh, Katie... dare I say, "When it rains, it pours?!" :roll: (sorry)

This is such bad news!!! I hope the monsoon clears up -- maybe it was just raining itself all out in a hurry, so the sun could come out sooner?

Aaaargh. I'm doing an anti-rain dance now...


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I am not too far from Dallas. Let me know if I can be of any help in the future. I sent off mine and Jack's registration this past week for the Cure Conference. I hope to meet you and Rick. I am sure LCS 4 Change will do better at a indoor event. If you need some relief at the event, just let me know.


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After the monsoon eased up alittle I made my way to the fair grounds only to be turned away (they weren't open they said) But I am A VENDER, I say...SO WHAT the snivelly little punk tells me. :evil:

I try all entrances and no one will let me in due to flooding...and shake their heads at me like there is nothing they can do. I have visions of Fay A.'s eggs floating away and JC's earrings swirling in mud. One vender I saw said his booth was a complete LOSS...I HAD TO get in there to SEE!

I am holding two huge bags of t-shirts and towels which are killing me, and I finally just drop them in the mud and stand there crying in the rain.

Just about that time my mobile rings and it is Rick. I blubber all my frustrations into the phone and he tells me he will call me back.

He calls THE POLICE department saying that I am being barred from my booth- that my possessions are being held from me - which is THEFT, and if they do not do something about it right now he will call the news station!

Needless to say a sergeant called me back- a golf cart showed up and drove me straight to my muddy booth.

The booth to my left was a complete loss. They were selling beautiful framed art- it was completely flooded and they had packed up what they could salvage and they left- for good.

I was so afraid to see my booth. I get there and begin pulling out my boxes from under the table. And it is if someone had put there arms around the booth in protection, because NOT one single thing was damaged! thank you whoever you are.

It takes me a couple hours to set up (still raining) (Still fuming over the treatment I received) and in the middle of setting up a man comes over to ask me how it was going, how has my experience been? He didn't know what he was getting into because I ranted and raved about how awful the volunteers at the gates were, about how miserable I was and about how I was NEVER going to do anything like this here again. He listens intently and then asks for my card. (I'm thinking he is with the City) but he tells me he is a reporter! Asks if he may use my name and info!

"Heck yeah man, and remember to get the name right..LUNG CANCER SUPPORT COMMUNITY- www.lchelp.com"

There's no such thing as bad publicity I say. And this could be a very good thing indeed!

After I set up about 80% of the booth, an officer with the city makes his way up and down the isle telling us that Arbor Daze has been CANCELLED. (I give up) Even the concert with Taylor Dane and Cyndi Lauper that night is cancelled, and that we will resume Sunday at 10am.

I have to pack everything up AGAIN.

(this event usually yields 250 THOUSAND people)

In two days, I have probably seen only 25 people, and I have had three sales. THREE.

It is now SUNDAY:

I wake up with aching feet and bloodshot eyes to see that it is STILL raining. I had hopes that today would be a better day, that Debi would be able to come down from OK without the threat of being swooped up in a tornado :shock: but it looks like that is not going to happen.

Worse comes to worse, I list everything on eBay and hit up everyone I know to buy all our products...but I sure wish someone up there, anyone? would give me just ONE BREAK this weekend and make the rain go away. Give me one day to make all this worth it.

Will let you know how this soaking drama plays out.

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Oh my God Katie,

What a nightmare. How about we just have our own sale here? I'd love some of Fay's eggs and JC's earrings, and whatever else you have. Or you could just throw several items in a box tape it up and we could send in X number of dollars and get a "grab bag". Or just point us to the Ebay site and we can buy from there, whatever is easiest for you. I haven't been shopping in weeks with this damn IV....I need to spend money before I explode. :P

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Darn it Kate I am so sorry this happened. You are so sweet and giving and I feel so bad that you went through this hellish weekend. I am glad that the merchandise was was salvaged. Would you be willing to sell some of it to me? I would love to buy some of Fays eggs for my daughters and I'll add some donations in to make up for some of the cost of the weekend. The newspaper article might make up for the publicity that was lost due to the lack of people getting flyers...

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Did someone say we are going to have a SHOPPING SPREE right here on the LCSC Board??? CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh My God Katie! OH MY GOD!!! Best laid plans!!! Kind of know how you feel though. We did two Lung Cancer Awareness Events in Minnesota two years in an row, and we too have bad things happen. :shock::roll::cry: IT SUCKS!!! All that hard work, and effort seems for nothing, but IT'S NOT!

So, bring on the Shopping goodies and we'll see what we can do right here at home base! Oh Sweetie, I feel sooooo bad for all you have done and all the hard work you put into doing this! UNREAL!!!

I would send you some sunshine, BUT, it's raining here too!!! :x

Dear GOD, please please lend our Katie a helping hand and make the rain go away for the day!!! PLEASE?????? Thank you for listening to my prayer. (begging prayer)!

Wish I was there to lend you a helping hand!!! ((((((KATIE))))))))

Much Love, Respect, Support, and HUGS, to YOU my Friend!


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I'm hoping that today turns out better than the previous two. Just wish I could be there to help you lug stuff from the car to the booth. But if the rains won't stay away and the people won't show up, then I think we can do a little bit to salvage things.

I have a pair of JC's earrings, and they really are beautiful, so you can't go wrong with those. Ry made decorative bottles using antique bottles, beads, and wire, and they're stunning. I haven't seen the pillows, but I bet they're gorgeous. And I already have plans to buy some T-Shirts.

I would like a chance to buy some of our "stuff", but I also think that EBay is a good idea.

And if you'll email me one of the informational flyers, I'll print them up and hand them out at the local Relay For Life.

Hang in there, Katie B. Noah Knows, the rain has to end sometime....


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I trudge my way to the fair grounds again today- this time lugging a bag and a 6 year old boy (Hunter) and the minute we get to the gate from our extremely long trek, the snobby police officer tells me that Arbor Daze has been completely cancelled. The fields are flooded and there is no where for people to park- it's just too muddy.

"First time in history!" He says with a lop-sided grin, "Whoopty-sh#T", I wanted to say... "WHat about my stuff?" I ask-

"Go get it" he says. But you can't bring your car unto the grounds....

Go GET IT? It is five LARGE boxes and GLASS and TWO six foot tables--what am I supposed to do strap it to my back and maybe tie a rope around Hunter like they do to sled dogs and yell MUSH.....?

Can it get any worse?

Found a sweet old cowboy with a golf cart who lugged all my boxed to the car- he even drove us back to the booth - didn't have to walk the mile back.

Rick took the first AM flight and got in just in time to come and help get the tables. Thank God for that at least.

Everything is in my garage and I am beat. All this for what? I dunno.

Give me some time to catch my breath and I will list everything for all to see. The bottle are really interesting, the kids tooth fairy pillows are cute, the earrings are very cool and Fay's eggs are absolutely stunning. (But the Eggs are all originals and are all different so I will have to think on how I can sell those online- maybe first come first serve? Don't know right now.

Going to lie down for a while.

Thank you all for your prayers...they did work you know. It is SUNNY out right now- just two days too late!

Oh well.

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I am so sorry for all you had to go through this weekend and wish that I lived closer than I do....

I am disappointed too and frustrated because I have been looking forward to this weekend for weeks and helping you at the booth... it was sort of my lung cancer coming out party!! :shock: I was even going to wear the Tshirt as long as no one clapped! :wink: I wanted to give something back to LCSC by helping out this weekend, but this damn weather just didn't care!

Things will somehow work out..they always do! I am just sorry that you had to go through this mess by yourself..it doesnt seem fair...

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