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Hi after 18 month absence

dave s

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Hi all,

I was on the predecessor board and have been out of touch for a year and a half. I'm now 2 years into a life expectancy of 6 months at the time of my diagnosis. I've used supplementation as well as traditional radiation and chemo. I was diagnosed at stage 4, so surgery was never an option.

I recently started IV Vitamin C. I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with intravenous vitamin C as a treatment protocol? If so, would you please contact me? I'd like to compare notes.

Thanks, Dave S

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I am glad to know that after 2 years you are still here. I too have Stage IV NSCLC and have never been given a "date" so to speak. You have just given me some new hope that I have wanted for so long. Those old statistics really make me nervous and usually take away hope for me. Keep up with whatever you are doing for it seems to be working for you. Good luck and thanks for the good news.


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Dave S

Nice to get a post from you and to hear that you ARE NOT A STATISTIC!! Way to go on beating their prognostications all to heck!

You might want to browse or do some searches in the "ALTERNATIVE AND COMPLEMENTARY" forum. If nothing else, it will give you an idea who is interested in that approach and you might decide to pm some of them if you don't find what you are hoping for on this strand.

Best of luck to you and please don't be a stranger to the Board!

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Hi Dave,

Welcome back, or actually hello. I've only been here a short while.

Cheryl (of Cheryl and Jack) has iv Vitamin therapy in her signature, but it doesn't say what kind.

I was thrilled to see your 2-year survivorship. Don's right - it does give us tremendous hope. Thanks for posting.

God bless you,


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I did vitamin IV therapy, Calcium Pushes, and Hydrogen Peroxide IVs. All were to boost my immune system. See Alt. and Comp Med Section this board. My energy definately improved. I also took various supplements and ate healthier to rid my body of candida and other toxins. I still follow this protocol, but am not as strict about the diet. I havent had an IV for about 1 1/2 months though. I was told that it can interfer with treatment, and was considering a vaccine trial. I just try to eat as healthy as I can, and cut back on the sugar. I eat a lot of whole foods. I never had any kind of reaction or side effects from any of these treatments.

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Cheryl and Jack,

Thanks for the reply. It sounds like what you did was an antioxidant (nutritional) therapy. I do that too, with many oral supplements and I'm convinced that they have been a signifcant factor in my survival to date.

What I'm referring to here is a bit different though. I'm referring to the technique described briefly in http://www.canceraction.org.gg/inext.htm. I've been researching for nearly 2 years and this is my favorite alternative to traditional chemo and radiation for non-surgical candidates like me. It isn't that chemo and radiation don't work but rather that they seem to be more often temporary rather than permanent fixes and they have significant accumulative toxicities (at least for me they have). The science behind this is extremely appealing to me. I find it quite compelling. Most alternative therapies don't appeal to me because I can't understand what they do or how they could work.

Anyway thanks for the info and my very best wishes to you and all the others who were kind enough to reply.

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