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Arbor Daze article


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Well, it didn't get the exposure I was hoping for....but they did mention our name..... here it is.


Southlake, Denton festivals go on despite poor weather

By Domingo Ramirez Jr.

Star-Telegram Staff Writer

Vendor Kate Brown battled the elements Saturday at Arbor Daze in Euless.

Judging by the mud on her white tennis shoes, the weather was winning.

"You can't control Mother Nature," Brown said as she stood in her waterlogged booth for Lung Cancer Support Community. "And you can't control the rain."

Heavy rains turned Arbor Daze into a swamp Saturday, making it too difficult for volunteers and vendors to get through muddy fields to prepare for the carnival, children's activities, arts and crafts, and about 100 vendors featured in the annual festival.

By midafternoon, officials canceled the event for the day, including the performances by Taylor Dane and Cyndi Lauper. Weather permitting, the Euless festival may reopen this morning..

Overnight rainfall totals near the Euless event were near 2 inches. At Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, the total was 1.87 inches by Saturday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

There was a 20 percent chance of rain today.

"It's just soaked out there," Betsy Boyett, a spokeswoman for the Euless event, said. "We'll open on Sunday if we don't get another downpour."

For Brown, weather wasn't the only problem.

"I could take the rain," Brown said after officials repeatedly considered opening Saturday. "But it's the people at the gates. One minute, they're telling me I could go through, and the next I can't."

Arbor Daze, Euless

The festival is north of Texas 183 between Fuller-Wiser Road and Bear Creek Parkway. Admission is free with advance passes; otherwise, $5 admission to the Main Stage. Hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. today.

http://www.dfw.com/mld/dfw/news/local/s ... 517392.htm

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Sic 'em, Fay!

BTW, Katie - at LEAST they spelled your name right AND got the name correct for the website, even if the address wasn't given...

This reporter could be THE beginning of the "big stuff" - it almost seems destined... Just gotta stop shootin' at the ducks while they're getting lined up... :roll: (Ah, the perils of living in Redneck Country...)

Must be ducks, anyway, with all that water....and speaking of which, while looking at a duck floating along, everything seems SOOO easy and calm...but put your head under the water and that little guy is paddling like mad to keep up the persona... I'll just bet you have webbed feet, Katie! 8)

Fay, if you find a web address for the reporter, post it. I'm sure a letter writing campaign FROM the site will help pull the site into some much needed spot light time...

Take care, ya'll. I'm going to bed. Tomorrow is (ugh) Monday and I have a full day at work...


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Hey Fay,

I'm going to join you on writting to the Reporter. MORE IS BETTER! I encourge everyone here to drop him a line or two and share your thoughts and feeling with him regarding Katie efforts to bring Awareness to Lung Cancer and that she did this for SO MANY of us!! GOOD IDEA FAY! I'm on board. Thank you!

Katie, YOU DID A WONDERFUL JOB!! But then again you ALWAYS DO! Your huge heart will be rewarded for all you do my dear. YOU'LL SEE!

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Just wanted to share with you all that I too sent my letter to Mr. Domingo Ramirez Jr at the Star-Telegram Paper. I also sent a copy of my letter to Katie and Rickey.

I want to encourage everyone to drop him a note. I told this man that Katie has a following of over 1050 people from all over the world that are a part of her life in the battle for lung cancer.

Thank you again KATIE and RICKEY!

Love to all,


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Thanks for the inspiration guys, heres a copy of the email I just sent off:

Dear Mr. Ramirez:

Thank you so much for mentioning our organization Lung Cancer Survivors for Change. It means so much to all us who are suffering from this disease or have family members suffering with the disease. Katie Brown is our angel and lifesaver. She is too modest to tell you just how much she and her husband Rick Brown have done to build this site and keep it going. It is the only hope we have right now and we all depend on the site for guidance, information, prayers from our fellow members, a helping hand, etc. Please check out our site and read some of the postings from our members when you have a chance. We are all ages, come from all walks of life and are all afflicted in some way from this horrible disease. We are all struggling with our illness but want help for our organization so that future generations won't have to go through what we have. Any assistance you can provide us will be greatly appreciated.


Bess Bernadino LCHELP Lung Cancer Support Community

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Katie, although I am in overseas but I wish to let you know that your contributions and your sincere efforts on LCSC is enormous and I wish to tell you how beautiful you and Rickey are doing for all of us. Truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Well, a day late and a dollar short, fairly typical for me; however, I did just mail off an e-mail. Maybe something will come of this campaign. Reflect on Margaret Mead's quotation, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." We have our challenge!


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