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10, 9, 8, ....


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Seven! Only seven more days after tomorrow till I get the picc line out of my arm! I am actually on picc line number 2. Last week the home nurse was changing part of the line and somehow about 4 inches came out of my arm and it clogged. So lucky me, I got to go in and have it done again. This time they stitched the new one to my arm.

So I am counting down the days till next Monday.

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One of my FAVORITE parts on the "Sesame Street" of my youth! The countdown to the guy with the pies falling on his face!!

I'm with ya, Ry, countdown spiraling to ZERO!! (And banana cream!)

Hmmm...you could always call it a quilting accident, got yer arm caught in the surger....

Sounds painful, hope it's all gone soon - it's getting warmer outside! (Hard to toss TP with a line in yer arm - worse than an electronic tether!)


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I bet you are glad it's almost over. Have you been able to work while you've had to do this? Do they have to do any tests to be sure you are all clear, or will they just take it out and test later? We're counting down with you. We will all do a Happy Dance for you next Monday! :D



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I've been working mornings and then leaving for the treatment at noon. I have to see the infectious disease doctor weekly and he does bloodwork. Not sure what they will do at the end to make sure it's gone. Big time celebration when this is all done.

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Ok, I am calendar challenged, is it 5/3 or 5/4 when that darn line comes out?

I continue to be amazed at the heavy heavy plate so many here have to carry.

Worrying about John, raising three children, a responsible career and, oh, by the way, I have a pic line in my arm.

We have many Wonder Women and Wonder Men here. I am being PC, I think it is really more Wonder Women, we balance that plate better.


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Can you bring some of the spray cheez and crackers next week, Ry? I'm baking cookies for tomorrow night....

Could use that pole to hold the extra rolls of TP when we're out cruising....or to knock cocky teenagers off their pulpit... :wink:

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