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The little girl, the cat and God


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There was a little girl whose cat was tragically killed by a car driving down her road. The little girl was devastated and inconsolable. She was crying, wailing, and totally out of control. Nothing her mother could do or say would stop the little girl's crying. Finally, the mother said, "Honey, Kitty is with God now." Quite suddenly, the little girl stopped crying and the mother was so relieved. And then, all of a sudden, the little girl started crying and wailing again. The mother ask why she was crying when she knew that Kitty was with God. The little girl WAILED: "WHATEVER WOULD GOD WANT WITH A DEAD CAT?"

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Ok, Becky, that's the only joke I know and you had to go and make fun of it!! :lol::lol: :lol: :lol::lol: I hear jokes, but after I laugh, they go to la-la land. My grandmother was still telling jokes, every day, at age 98 in a nursing home. Because she was quite a joke teller, people always told her jokes, and I guess she just piled them up for 98 years and ALWAYS had a joke to tell me - every single "frequent" visit I made to the home. God, I loved her!!!!


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