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short joke(r)

David A

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LOl Ginny! We were at a restaurant friday night when one of my nine year olds discovered if you put the right characters in a calculator and held it up side down you can spell boobs, my wife was a little embarrassed I had to stop myself from laughing, thinking there is a 'chip off the old block!'

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You can also be "boobless" on a calculator - 55378008

There was a joke I saw at one time performed on a calculator referring to Dolly Parton that the punchline was the 55378008....but that was a LONG time ago and I don't remember it...

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You needed a password to access the admin system at IBM when I worked there. Your password could not contain any vowels and you had to change it every so many months.

The guy next to me spent hours how to come up with a dirty words using constanents and numbers. The one I remember is B00BS.

It must be a guy thing, you think.


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TOO funny....the boob fixation 'cuz they ain't got 'em and the "overcompensating" for other areas 'cuz they figure they're lacking...

Wonder if there's extra room in men's drawers for the "especially blessed" 'cuz Lord KNOWS there ain't excess room for an ample bosom in today's sizes! Everyone WANTS big uns, but there's no place to STORE 'EM! I'd like to keep mine under the bed for just those "special times" (dating & job interviews in the most recent past, LOL), NOT lug 'em to the grocery store, etc.

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